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Enjoy the ride.
We'll take care of the security.
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  • Battery powered

    Low maintenance

    Running on two single-use, long-life batteries, a Monimoto device is energy efficient. Its batteries can last up to 12 months.
  • Quick setup


    An easy 10-minute setup via iOS or Android app and your bike’s secured.
  • Wireless connection

    Easy to hide

    Wireless tech means you can hide it where thieves won’t find it. They won’t even know you’re tracking them.

Monimoto App

Monimoto App Iphone
  • GPS location

    Monimoto app allows you to see your motorcycle's location if it has been moved and your paired Key Fob was not around. You’ll also get a daily location update.
  • Approximate location

    Monimoto tracker uses advanced GLONASS and Telit IoT LOCATE technology to determine your bike's location when GPS is not available.
  • Battery status

    Monimoto mobile app offers a convenient way to monitor the battery of the tracker. If the battery is low, it will notify you in advance.


No hidden fees. Just a SIM card subscription.
Monimoto works using mobile networks - just like your phone. The embedded eSIM card includes:
  • 2 months FREE service.
  • International coverage so you stay secure wherever your adventure takes you.
After that, coverage costs a competitive $49/year.
SIM card subscription

Learn about Monimoto in 40 secs

Learn about Monimoto in 40 seconds

How it works

Monimoto detects movement Monimoto detects movement and checks if the Key Fob is present.
Key Fob found No Key Fob
Key found no alarm No alarm. Monimoto stays silent and lets you enjoy the ride.
Key not found Monimoto calls Monimoto calls you and starts sending its location to the App.

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    Jon's Moto Garage Monimoto
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