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Smart alarm for motorcycles

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15% stolen vehicles retain rate with Monimoto

1 of 6 returned to the owners

We want to change this. Owners of motorcycles, scooters and cars now have simple to install and use way to improve the security of their vehicles.

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Smart alarm for sportsbikes

How it works



Monimoto sleeps while
key is nearby

Arrows to right

Wakes up

When any type of motion
or vibration is detected
and no KEY is found

Arrows to right
Get notified


Monimoto calls owner
AND pushes app notification
with details and location

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Smart alarm for scooters


1 year
battery lifetime

No wires! Install &
configure yourself

2 months of
connectivity free!

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Smart alarm for cruisers


Frequently asked questions about Monimoto

  • Batteries

    We use 2xCR123 batteries, easily found in convenience stores. Once the level goes down (no worries, you will be notified), simply open the enclosure, remove the old ones, insert new, close the enclosure.

  • Which smartphones can be used with Monimoto?

    Android and iOS devices. The newer the better. The only condition: it should have Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE), as connection between phone and Monimoto is being arranged to use it.

  • Master key

    Keyfob, which acts as a key. Without master key, any movemenent or vibration activates alarm mode. You can add up to 3 keys to one Monimoto device. If you happen to have more than 1 Monimoto, same keyfob can be used with different devices.

  • Smart key

    Your smart phone which acts as a key. Basically, it is the same as Master key. Works on smartphones with enabled Low Energy Bluetooth

  • What is alarm mode

    It's when Monimoto suspects theft. After being triggered, then checking and not finding master key, Monimoto wakes up, turns on GPS, GSM and other communications and immediately sends notifications to it's owners. (This mode uses more battery power so avoid using it with no purpose).

  • Can I use it as a tracker?

    Yes, without contact with your master or permanent keys, Monimoto will enter alarm/tracking mode. It will start notifying you - sending SMS. Note! - while GPS and GSM receivers in action, batteries are being drained fast.

  • Why is it better than a tracker for 35€?

    For starters, trackers need installation - wiring. Monimoto does not. Trackers are always online, while Monimoto sleeps quietly. Trackers are being configured using USB and software or SMS, Monimoto does it through bluetooth.

  • About us has been in security, intrusion alarm, wireless, internet of things, GSM and related industries businesses for over 10 years. Our mission is to make easy to use, quality and reliable solutions. This is what Monimoto stands for. We use best quality, mainly European components. All development and manufacturing is being completed in Lithuania, under European regulations and legislature.

  • I like it! How to become a partner?

    Leave your email in the pop-up form. You will be contacted shortly afterwards. Note! ELDES does not sell Monimoto directly to owners, the company sell to distributors only.