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Enjoy the ride.
We'll take care of the security.
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  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker


    Monimoto 7 is powered by its own battery, which means you do not need to connect it to your bike’s wiring. All it needs is two standard size batteries that you can purchase anywhere, and it can stay live for up to twelve months.
  • Quick motorcycle GPS tracker setup

    Easy setup

    Monimoto 7 is tiny and inconspicuous making it very easy to hide on your motorcycle. It’s dead easy to set up, too: all it takes is the device, the Key Fob, your phone, and the Monimoto app. You can set up the GPS tracker on your own in just a few minutes.
  • Wireless motorcycle GPS tracker connection

    Easy to hide

    Wireless tech means you can hide it where thieves won’t find it. They won’t even know you’re tracking them.

Monimoto App

Monimoto App Iphone
  • GPS location

    Monimoto app allows you to see your motorcycle's location if it has been moved and your paired Key Fob was not around. You’ll also get a daily location update.

    Monimoto mobile app offers a convenient way to monitor the battery of the tracker. If the battery is low, it will notify you in advance.

    Manage your international eSIM subscription using Monimoto APP. Monimoto works around the world because of the embedded eSIM cards. If there is a 2G or LTE-M network, it will find it and connect to it. Monimoto uses a smart algorithm that connects to the strongest network available, regardless of your location. - 2 months FREE servise. After that, coverage costs a competitive $49/year.

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How does it work?

The Monimoto motorcycle security system has three components:
Monimoto motorcycle alarm tracker

1. The Tracker

This small and easy-to-hide device is the heart of the Monimoto system. The waterproof casing is packed with a motion detector, a GPS tracker, and the hardware to notify you if your bike is being messed with or moved. The better you hide it on your bike, the safer your bike will be.
Monimoto motorcycle alarm Key Fob

2. The Key Fob

Keep this with your motorcycle keys so Monimoto knows when you’re nearby.
Monimoto app

3. The App

The app will notify you if your Monimoto tracker detects movement. If your bike is stolen, your app will reveal its location so your precious ride can be recovered as soon as possible.When you ride your motorcycle, the key fob disarms the tracker. But when you’re away and the tracker detects movement, it will notify you and activate its GPS tracker if it starts moving. From that point on, you’ll get constant updates on its location.

What is GPS tracking

First things first: to make the best choices when buying a GPS tracking device for a motorcycle, you need to understand how GPS tracking works. Essentially, GPS stands for “Global Positioning System” and is based on satellite technology. Because of this, it does not need cell data or WiFi to retrieve its own location: a satellite beams a signal to a ground radar, which then directs it to your GPS device; using several satellites, it’s possible to determine the exact location of the device. Then, usually using cell data, the location details transfer to a server and display on your smartphone app or other user interfaces. When it comes to motorcycle tracking devices, it’s essential that your unit is GPS-based rather than relying on cell data or internet connection only. GPS motorcycle trackers will be able to pinpoint the location of the stolen bike even in areas where the cell service is poor, and if the manufacturer of the tracking device combined GPS technology with cell data or WiFi, it will even work indoors in case the stolen motorcycle is moved into a van or a storage unit.
Motorcycle GPS tracker SIM card subscription


Alarme moto SRA


Monimoto 7 is a motorcycle alarm with GPS tracking: if your bike moves without your unique Key Fob present, the tracker will send an alarm call to your phone within one minute. This means that you will get an alert immediately and have time to react or call the police.


Monimoto 7 automatically arms itself when you and your Key Fob are not present, and it automatically disarms when it senses the Key Fob. In other words, there’s no hassle of setting it up when you leave your bike or come back to ride.


Remember what GPS stands for? Well, Monimoto 7 used advanced satellite positioning, and that means that you can track your stolen motorcycle if it has been moved and your paired Key Fob was not around

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Why Buy A Motorcycle Alarm?
One of the biggest benefits of a GPS tracking device for a motorcycle is the capacity to find and recover a stolen bike quickly. Thieves usually immediately hide stolen motorcycles in storage units, vans, or industrial parks, and it’s near impossible to find them until it’s too late and they’re being chopped up for parts. With an active GPS tracker, the police can locate the stolen bike quickly as the tracker sends out a real-time location of the motorcycle. As long as the tracker’s battery holds, the tracker will be sending out the location of the motorcycle, making it that much easier to find.

In addition, a motorcycle GPS tracker can have these benefits:


Some motorcycle GPS trackers also act as an alarm. If your bike is being moved, a GPS tracker can send out an alarm call or message directly to your phone. An alert can help prevent motorcycle theft altogether, especially if you are still nearby and can react quickly.


Insurance companies may take it into account if you have a GPS tracker installed on your motorcycle. Because it’s an additional layer of security, you may end up paying much less in insurance premiums.


Thanks to a GPS tracker, you can see the exact location of your bike whether it’s stopped or moving. This can come in handy if you let your friends ride the bike, or if you simply want an extra peace of mind.



    Let’s phrase it differently: how much is your motorcycle worth to you? Even if you have premium insurance, experiencing motorcycle theft is a horrible feeling. Motorcycle trackers can help prevent bike theft and help recover a stolen motorcycle in record time, and it makes the job that much easier for the police. In our experience, when the police officers learn that the stolen motorcycle has an active GPS tracker on it, they are a lot more likely to actively look for it immediately because the chances of recovery are high. So are motorbike trackers worth it? It’s up to you to decide.


    Depending on the type of tracker you have, you can hide it under the seat, near the airbox, behind the skid plate, or anywhere else where it’s hard to detect. If you need to wire the tracker to the bike, it makes it a little harder to hide. However, with wireless devices, you can get creative and hide it just about anywhere.


    Not if you hide it well enough. The thieves are likely to look for a tracking device, mostly under the seat and other obvious places. However, if you zip-tie it somewhere a little less conspicuous, chances are, the thieves will not find the tracker.


    No. A GPS tracker will emit a signal when the motorcycle stops, too.

    Motorcycle GPS trackers are among the best anti-theft devices you can use to protect your motorcycle. Your best bet is alarms with GPS tracking that will alert you if your bike is moving, then send out live locations to your phone so you can trace it. The more advanced the technology, the more chances of recovering your motorcycle quickly and in one piece. Much like your insurance, a GPS tracker may seem like a painful investment at first, but when you need it, it’s absolutely priceless – just like your motorcycle.