GPS tracker for equipment

How do I track my equipment?

Protect your heavy machinery with a Monimoto GPS tracker for equipment. Use equipment tracking software to safeguard heavy-duty equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, forestry equipment and other valuable machinery. With an easy-to-install GPS tracker and a smartphone app, you will know the location of your assets in case they get stolen. Prevent equipment theft and get instant movement notifications for stolen equipment recovery.

Key features

  • Quick motorcycle GPS tracker setup

    No wires

    There is no wiring involved when installing Monimoto GPS tracker. Just hide the tracker, configure the app, and you’re good to go.
  • Water resistant

    Water resistant

    Equipped with watertight casing, your GPS tracker is up to the task wherever you go. The Monimoto 7 is IP65 rated, meaning that it is protected from dust and against low-pressure water jets. Monimoto 9 features an IP68 rating, meaning it is water and dust proof.
  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker

    Long battery life

    Depending on the model, Monimoto devices can last up to 12-24 months. Efficient engineering of our smart electronic GPS tracker ensures an always-on security that never quits.
  • Easy to install


    Easily hide the GPS tracker out of sight due to the small device size and included battery.
  • Advanced positioning

    GPS Monitor

    Monitor your equipment location via GPS as soon as unauthorized movement is detected.
  • Next day delivery

    Long Distance GPS Tracking

    Track your equipment location over long distances with GPS and cellular coverage. Significantly improve the chances to recover your stolen vehicle.

Monimoto 7 VS Monimoto 9

Monimoto 7 and Monimoto 9 GPS trackers

Technical parameters

Monimoto 7
Monimoto 9
Device weight
95g (3.35oz)
60g (2.05oz)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Monimoto App
Available on iOS & Android
Available on iOS & Android
Device batteries
2 x Lithium AA 1,5V 3000mAh FR6 that can last up to 24 months
Rechargeable 3.7V Li-Polymer (900mAh) that can last up to 12 months
Key Fob batteries
1 x Lithium 3V CR2032
1 x Lithium 3V CR2032
Protection rating
IP65 standard
IP68, meaning it is dustproof and can withstand being submerged in water
2 years warranty
2 years warranty

How to set up Monimoto equipment GPS tracker

  • Monimoto GPS tracker for equipment

    Prepare the devices

    Your Monimoto Key Fob and equipment tracker both come with batteries included. Simply remove the white plastic contact tabs from the battery housings and you’re ready for the next step.
  • Monimoto GPS tracker for equipment APP

    Install the app

    Download the official Monimoto app onto your smartphone [Google and Apple]. Open the app and follow the instructions to pair your Monimoto devices.
  • Equipment with installed GPS tracker

    Install the tracker

    Find a good secure place for the GPS tracker inside or outside your heavy-equipment assets. The harder it is to see or reach, the better. That’s it. You’re ready to go!
Equipment with GPS tracker installed

Why buy a GPS Tracker for equipment?

Protect your equipment from theft. Enjoy peace of mind with the Monimoto equipment GPS tracker.

Theft prevention. You will receive a phone call as soon as unauthorized movement of your equipment is detected. This enables to react immediately and stop machinery theft in its tracks.

Equipment recovery. Track your asset location when unauthorized use is identified. You will be able to track the location via the smartphone app. Tracking data is essential for law enforcement authorities to aid the recovery of your stolen equipment.

Types of equipment tracked

Small, sturdy, long lasting and weatherproof, Monimoto equipment tracking system is a perfect fit for multiple heavy-equipment use cases.
  • Construction equipment icon

    Construction equipment

    GPS tracker for construction equipment deters theft and facilitates swift recovery in case of unauthorized movement
  • Agricultural equipment icon

    Agricultural equipment

    Protect your agricultural machinery with a GPS tracker that will call your phone in less than 1 minute in case of theft.
  • Forestry equipment icon

    Landscape equipment

    Don't worry about leaving your landscape equipment overnight—let a GPS tracker guard your assets.
  • Heavy duty equipment icon

    Truck tracking

    Recover your stolen truck with GPS truck tracking device - track the location via the smartphone app.

Monimoto vs competition

Monimoto 9
Americaloc GL300W
Spytec GL300
Find it now
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Red no icon
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Red no icon
Easy to install
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Green yes icon
Red no icon
Battery life
Up to 12 months
Up to 2 weeks
Up to 2.5 weeks
Unit price
Subscription cost per year
Total ownership cost (3 years)***
From $704.84
Mobile app
iOS icon Android icon
iOS icon Android icon
iOS icon Android icon
iOS icon Android icon
* - Recommended price for dealers.
** - Basic tracking plan per month.
*** - The first year is inclusive, annual renewal is $69.95/ year.
Prices checked on 20.08.2022.

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  • What is an equipment tracking system? Toggle FAQ question answer

    An equipment tracking system is a sophisticated tool designed to combat theft and loss by monitoring the location, usage, and status of assets in diverse industries. Leveraging GPS, RFID, or other tracking technologies, it offers real-time insights into asset whereabouts and conditions, bolstering anti-theft measures. By enabling organizations to swiftly locate and recover stolen equipment, it serves as a vital deterrent against theft, while also optimizing asset utilization and streamlining maintenance processes for enhanced operational efficiency.

  • What are the three types of tracking? Toggle FAQ question answer

    The three primary types of equipment tracking are GPS tracking, RFID tracking, and barcode tracking. GPS tracking relies on satellite technology to monitor the location of assets in real-time. RFID tracking employs radio frequency identification to track assets via radio waves. Barcode tracking involves scanning barcode labels affixed to assets to monitor their movements and status. These tracking methods offer distinct advantages and are utilized across industries based on specific tracking needs.

  • How do construction companies track equipment? Toggle FAQ question answer

    Construction companies track equipment through various methods, including GPS tracking systems, RFID technology, and barcode systems. GPS tracking enables real-time location monitoring of equipment, enhancing security and operational efficiency. RFID technology uses radio frequency identification to track equipment using tags and readers, providing detailed information about asset movements and status. Barcode systems involve scanning barcode labels attached to equipment to track their usage, maintenance history, and location. These tracking methods help construction companies optimize asset utilization, prevent loss or theft, and streamline maintenance processes.

Monimoto 9 GPS tracker and Key Fob

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