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How it works

  • Monimoto is disarmed with a key nearby

    Ready to go!

    You can ride your motorcycle if you have your Key with you - Monimoto won't get alarmed.
  • Monimoto is armed when there is no key around

    Armed and waiting

    As soon as you leave and Monimoto can't detect your Key, it automatically Arms.
  • Monimoto is alerted when the motorcycle moves

    Danger detected

    If motorcycle moves and Monimoto can't find Key nearby it enters alerted state.
  • Monimoto calls and sends gps location coordinates

    Calling the owner

    While in alerted state, Monimoto calls you and starts sending its location to Monimoto App.


Wire-free, Anti-theft GPS tracker for motorcycles that calls your phone and sends GPS location coordinates if your motorcycle is being stolen.
  • Monimoto is powered by its own batteries

    With batteries

    Monimoto is powered by 2 single-use, long-life batteries, so it doesn’t rely on your motorcycle’s battery power source.
  • Monimoto calls your phone

    Phone call

    Monimoto calls your phone after 1 minute if any motorcycle movement is detected and there is no paired key nearby.
  • Monimoto is easy to set up

    Quick set up

    A very quick and easy initial set up procedure via our iOS or Android mobile app wizard, which only takes about 5 minutes.
  • Monimoto does not required any wires


    Monimoto is a stand-alone device, so there are no installation costs involved and it will not affect your motorcycle’s warranty.
  • Monimoto sends GPS location coordinates

    GPS location

    Monimoto sends its GPS location coordinates to your phone, should the motorcycle be moving and your paired key is not around.
  • Monimoto automatically arms and disarms itself


    Monimoto Device auto-arms itself when you leave your motorcycle, and disarms as soon as it detects your paired Monimoto Key.


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Monimoto box, Device and Key

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