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YouTube reviews

  • Doodle On A Motorcycle 5:06
    Doodle on a motorcycle Monimoto 7 review
  • Cruiseman’s Garage 13:20
    Cruiseman's Garage Monimoto 7 review

Amazon reviews

  • Jesus

    IT fit snug on my bike.Customer service is another great feature you will get with this device.Special THNX to Ms Luka for helping me renew my yearly membership.

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  • Ray

    I feel confident monimoto is working for me. I hope I never find out how accurate it is, by someone taking my bike. I get updates every night to tell me the battery level is full and if it hasn't been activated or moved. I'm happy with this product.

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  • Od

    This device is worth the price. It may have a steep initial price, but 40 bucks a year for gps service is a steal, no matter how you cut it. It's easy to set up, has an intuitive UI, and is very accurate. I'd recommend this for all motorcyclists out there.

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  • Caleb

    A tad spendy but worth it in my opinion. My triple tree lock got broke but luckily the thieves didn't do much more than that. Bought this device after that occurrence and it has been great. It is very quick in notifying you when the bike is moved, even slightly. GSM service is cheap too. $45 for a year. Buy this if you have a motorcycle you love.

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