Dirt Bike GPS Tracker & App : Never Lose Sight

New Monimoto 9 - GPS tracker for your dirt bike

Key features

  • Quick motorcycle GPS tracker setup

    Easy to Set Up

    There is no wiring involved when installing Monimoto motorcycle GPS tracker. Just hide the tracker, configure the app, and you’re good to go.
  • Water resistant


    Equipped with watertight casing, your GPS tracker is up to the task wherever you go. The GPS tracker is IP68 rated, meaning that the devices are protected from dust and water resistant in fresh water to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes.
  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker

    Long battery life

    Powered by 3.7V Li-Polymer (900mAh) rechargeable battery will keep your tracker operational for 12 months in real world conditions. Efficient engineering of our smart electronic GPS tracker ensures an always-on security that never quits.
  • Easy to install


    Easily hide the GPS tracker out of sight due to the small device size and included battery. Monimoto comes with releasable plastic zip ties so it can be easily attached to your dirt bike.
  • Advanced positioning

    GPS Monitor

    Monitor your dirt bike location via GPS as soon as unauthorized movement is detected.
  • Next day delivery

    Long Distance GPS Tracking

    Track your dirt bike location over long distances with GPS and cellular coverage. Significantly improve the chances to recover your stolen vehicle.


What's in the Monimoto 9 box

Technical parameters

Monimoto 9
Device weight
60g (2.05oz)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Monimoto App
Available on iOS & Android
Device batteries
Rechargeable 3.7V Li-Polymer (900mAh) that can last up to 12 months
Key Fob batteries
1 x Lithium 3V CR2032
Protection rating
IP68, meaning it is dustproof and can withstand being submerged in water
2 years warranty


  • Dirt bike GPS tracker and Key Fob

    Prepare the devices

    Your Monimoto Key Fob and dirt bike tracker both come with batteries included. Simply remove the white plastic contact tabs from the battery housings and you’re ready for the next step.
  • Dirt bike GPS tracker app

    Install the app

    Download the official Monimoto app onto your smartphone [Google and Apple]. Open the app and follow the instructions to pair your Monimoto devices.
  • Hide GPS tracker in your dirt bike

    Install the tracker

    Find a good secure place for the GPS tracker on your dirt bike. The harder it is to see or reach, the better. That’s it. You’re ready to go!

Mobile App Features & Benefits

Enjoy peace of mind and enhanced security by tracking your dirt bike in case unauthorized movement is detected.
Download Monimoto app on Google Play Download Monimoto app on App Store
Monimoto Dirt bike GPS tracker APP
Battery status If the battery of the tracker is low, it will notify you in advance.
SIM subscription Manage your international eSIM subscription directly in the App. 2 Months of FREE service included.
GPS location Track your dirt bike's location when movement is detected and your paired Key Fob is not nearby.
How Monimoto 9 GPS tracker works

Peace of Mind & Security

Using a dirt bike tracker offers invaluable peace of mind and security benefits for riders. With a tracker installed, you can rest assured knowing that your bike is always within reach, even if it's stolen. This added layer of security means less worry about the safety of your prized possession.
Monimoto motorcycle GPS tracker calls your phone in less than 1 minute if movement is detected and there is no paired Key Fob nearby. Phone call is more effective in attracting owner's attention than just a push notification or text message.

Reviews by our customers

Monimoto 9 GPS tracker and the Key Fob

2 years warranty

Monimoto GPS trackers offer riders peace of mind and security with a host of benefits.
With a generous 2-year warranty, users can trust in the durability and reliability of their tracker, knowing that any potential issues will be swiftly addressed.
Additionally, Monimoto stands behind their product with a 30-day refund policy, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase.
And to top it off, the convenience of free shipping makes acquiring this essential security feature hassle-free. Whether you're safeguarding your dirt bike, motorcycle, or any other valuable asset, Monimoto GPS trackers provide dependable protection with added assurances of quality, satisfaction, and convenience.
Monimoto 9 GPS tracker and Key Fob

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