Cycloop features

  • Quick motorcycle GPS tracker setup

    Easy to install

    Mount the Cycloop on the seat tube of your bike - only 4x screws to install it in place, with screws and a special key included in the package. The anti-theft system comes with batteries already installed, so you can start using it right away.
  • Mobile app

    Simple setup

    The Cycloop anti-theft system will pair with your phone via a mobile app. On first use, the app will guide you through a simple setup wizard. You will also be able to fine-tune device sensitivity. Cycloop comes with an eSIM pre-installed for seamless connectivity.
  • Theft tested

    Deters thieves

    Installed on the seat tube of your bike, Cycloop acts as an effective thief deterrent. The GPS anti-theft tracker will alert you as soon as it is tampered with. Cycloop uses specially designed screwheads - it is highly unlikely the device can be removed without specialist tools or damage to the bike itself, making your bike an unattractive target to thieves.
  • Cycloop Damage Resistant

    Damage resistant

    Cycloop is resistant to blows, cuts and other physical damage. Unlike bike locks, it is highly unlikely the device could be removed ‘in the act’. The anti-theft system will alert you as soon as it detects any tampering - way before there is any reasonable chance to remove it from your bike.
  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker

    Long battery life

    Cycloop comes with a 3.7V Li-Polymer rechargeable battery, with enough ‘juice’ to power the device for 12 months (without the use of external LED lights). With the lights on, Cycloop will need to be recharged only once in 3 months (with 2 hour daily usage).
  • Phone call

    Calls your phone

    A phone call is worth more than 100 notifications - at least in getting someone's attention. Cycloop calls your phone in less than a minute when suspicious movement or device tampering is detected. It helps you to notify the authorities or react instantly to stop your bicycle theft in its tracks.
  • Cycloop Maintenance Free

    Maintenance free

    Install, secure and forget. With batteries enough to power your device for 12+ months (you will be alerted via the app in case their level gets low), there is no tracker maintenance required.
  • Water resistant

    Water resistant

    Well, of course, Cycloop is water resistant and weather-proof. Rain or shine, road or trail, Cycloop will humbly serve you wherever your adventure will take you.
  • Cycloop Design

    Ergonomic design

    Cycloop combines style and security into an easy-to-install package. It bonds with your bike frame and is the best looking bicycle anti-theft device. Period. In addition to looks, Cycloop is designed to withstand damage, mounts securely on your bike and is IP65 rated.
  • Cycloop Improved Visibility

    Improved visibility

    It’s not only about the bike’s security. It’s also about you. Cycloop doubles as a lighting accessory at night, making you more visible to the surrounding traffic. The lights may be disabled for improved battery life.
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