How To Fit a Motorcycle Alarm

You’ve just received and unpacked your Monimoto motorcycle tracker. Congratulations! Your bike will be so much better protected now, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to the Monimoto family.

However, now that you’ve got it, you’ll need to know how to fit a motorcycle alarm. When it comes to Monimoto, there are two key parts of the process. First, it’s setting up your Monimoto app and key fob. Next, it’s fitting the tracker on your bike. To help you with the key fob and app, we’ve already put a quick how-to guide together, which you can find here.

In this post, we’ll talk a little about how to fit the alarm on your bike.

Getting to Know Your Motorcycle Alarm

Monimoto motorcycle alarm and tracker is different from any other device on the market. This isn’t just empty boasting or slick marketing language. As riders ourselves, we know the most common issues with motorcycle alarms and trackers. That’s why when we were designing Monimoto, we knew exactly which pitfalls to avoid.

Monimoto tracker is wireless as opposed to most other motorcycle alarms and trackers out there. This was done for several reasons. First off, a wired tracker is easy to disable. Most thieves cut the electronics of the bike as soon as they steal it, and if the motorcycle tracker is wired in, it’s immediately disabled. Second, we know how sensitive some of the motorcycle and scooter batteries can be. With a wired-in tracker, there’s a chance of your battery being trickle-drained. And finally, a wireless tracker is so much easier to install: all you need to do is hide it somewhere on your bike.

However, before fitting your motorcycle alarm, you’ll need to keep a couple of things in mind. Doing motorcycle alarm fitting don’t hide your Monimoto in an enclosed metal container, such as your toolbox. Metal stops the radio waves from getting through, so you will be effectively disabling your alarm. Another thing to keep in mind is, always make sure the thinner end of the device – the one with letters “GPS” on it – needs to be pointing either up or, at the very least, out, and never down. This is because the GPS sensor needs to communicate with the satellites outside.

How to Put the Alarm on the Motorcycle

Now that you know your do’s and don’t’s, it’s time to head out and see how to fit a motorcycle alarm on your bike. The process itself is dead simple: just stick the tracker anywhere on your bike and you’re done. However, it’s important to hide your tracker well so that it’s harder to find and be removed. Let’s dig right in.

Motorcycle Alarm Fitting

As you open the Monimoto box, you’ll notice there are two cable ties included in the package. These are to help you fasten your tracker onto something, such as the bike’s frame or perhaps on the inner crash bar or skid plate. You don’t need to use the cable ties if you’re simply leaving your motorcycle alarm under the seat or in your luggage. On the other hand, it’s useful if you need to secure the tracker somewhere.

howto fit a motorcycle alarm

Next up, decide where you want to hide the tracker. It needs to be well-hidden to make life harder for thieves. At the same time, you need to be mindful of the tracker’s position so that the radio waves and the GPS sensor can communicate well. Depending on your motorcycle’s make and model, you may want to think about spaces under the seat or tank. Other alternatives include your luggage rack or behind passenger footpegs. We’ve heard of some creative dual sport bike owners finding space in their airboxes or toolboxes above the skid plate, but again, keep in mind the motorcycle alarm cannot be closed in a metal container.

Testing Your Monimoto 

Once you’ve set up the key fob and app and fitted the alarm on your motorcycle, it’s time for a quick test. This is just to make sure your Monimoto is set up correctly and works as intended.

In this video, you can see the process is simple. Put the key fob away, turn the Bluetooth on your phone off, and move your bike around to see if you’re getting an alarm call. If you do, you’re all set: your Monimoto tracker works as it should be. If you don’t, go back to step one and check everything from your phone app and key fob set up to the device itself.

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