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    Same size as a cigarette pack. Very east to hide. Perfect for finding your bike to within a few meters. Yes, some of the features are missing when compared to the more expensive ones such as biketrac, but the most important one is there!

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  • Anthony Amazon logo

    This is an extraordinarily well thought out piece of kit. I use on my wife's mobility scooter. She is 82 but does not have to think about the tracker in any way. It sets itself when she parks up and unsets itself when she comes to use it. It send me a daily text to say all is well and the alarm set. It will phone me if it is moved away when set and give me GPS coordinates thereafter. Does not respond to minor movements so no annoying false alarms. Easy to install. No wiring. The battery lasts a year. It is one of the most user friendly bits of technology I have come across. Cannot comment on reliability as only had it a month. Much better value than the £300 tracker on our motorhome.

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