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Motorcycle GPS Tracker by Monimoto

Motorcycle with GPS tracker

Is a Motorcycle Tracker Worth It?

A motorcycle tracking device is one of the most powerful devices available to prevent thefts before they happen and to recover motorcycles after they are stolen. A better question might be - is your motorcycle worth securing, and is it at risk? Only you can decide if you care about your motorcycle. As for the risk, the motorcycle theft situation in the UK is dire indeed:
- More motorcycles are stolen than are bought new;
- Roughly £3,000,000 in motorcycles are stolen from UK streets every year, and that number is increasing;
For true peace of mind and motorcycle security, you need a motorcycle tracker in your arsenal. Here’s why.


  • Wireless motorcycle GPS tracker connection

    Motorcycle GPS tracker

    If your motorcycle is stolen and Monimoto doesn’t detect your key fob, it will broadcast its location to your phone. That way, you can recover your precious property before it’s lost forever.
  • Phone call

    Silent alarm

    Monimoto lies dormant in your motorcycle to save power (it has its own batteries, so no wiring or power drain). If your motorcycle is tampered with without your key fob present, it will activate and alert you to any movement.
  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker


    Efficient engineering lets the tracker squeeze 12 months of battery life or even more out of just two AA lithium batteries for motorcycle security that never quits.

How Do Motorcycle Trackers Work?

At its most basic, a motorcycle tracker will always relay the location of your motorcycle to you. What makes it so great, however, is just how easy it is to use. No heavy locks to carry around, no alarms to arm - once you’ve completed the setup it’s all automatic.
Monimoto ATV GPS tracker APP

Pair the tracker

Install the Monimoto app on your phone and use it to set up your tracker and key fob (instructions included, but the app is intuitive.
Install Monimoto motorcycle alarm tracker

Install the tracker

Find a good spot to hide the tracker on your motorcycle. The tracker is quite small so we’ve made it easy.
Prepare Monimoto motorcycle alarm device

Wear the fob

Keep the fob with you when you ride your motorcycle (an obvious choice is putting it on your key ring or in your jacket). Whenever it moves and the fob isn’t present, the tracker will notify you with a silent alarm and begin sending you its location.

How to install a GPS tracker on your motorcycle

With a wire-free tracker, installation is so easy that the essential question becomes “where should I hide my tracker?” This is probably the most fun part of installing the Monimoto motorcycle GPS device. The best hiding spot will be different for every bike, but the most important thing is that it’s hard to find. Some ideas include:
- In a luggage compartment;
- Under the seat;
- Inside a fairing;
- Under the gas tank;
Remember - the Monimoto motorbike tracker is waterproof (IP6X) and its efficient engineering keeps it running for a year or more on just two AA batteries. That means that exposure to water is OK and it won’t need any wiring, making it very easy to install anywhere.
Installing Monimoto GPS tracker on your motorcycle

Why Monimoto?

Monimoto 7 GPS tracker and key Fob
Ready-to-use: The box comes with everything you need, including batteries and a SIM card that comes with the first two months FREE.
Super simple setup: Download the app. Set up your devices. Install the tracker (no wiring involved). Sorted!
Long-lasting battery life: AA batteries ensure that you don’t need to wire your tracker to use it, while the efficient design ensures that it will be up to a year or even more before you need to change the batteries again!
Couldn’t be easier: Once it’s set up, you’ll forget it’s there. The tracker arms when your fob is gone and disarms when you bring it near. When armed, it’ll only call you when it detects tampering or your motorcycle starts moving.


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    Where Monimoto excels is in its very quick alerting of a possible theft, and when I have a borrowed bike locked up outside a hotel I really appreciate the peace-of-mind that it can offer.
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    Offering an affordable, easy-to-use solution to motorcycle tracking, we think the Monimoto is a pretty impressive bit of kit.
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    The new tracker is an all-new product that is smaller, lighter, and easier to install and conceal than the previous generation.
  • Rider

    Installation is easy. Download the Monimoto app, follow the instructions to pair your phone with the tracking device, secure the tracking device under the seat, and attach the fob to your keychain.


  • What are the chances of recovering a stolen motorcycle?

    Unfortunately, the chances are quite slim. According to the National Criminal Intelligence Service, only 16% of stolen motorcycles are recovered. Motorcycle theft is a huge problem in the UK, so unless you have a motorbike tracker, recovering it in the event of theft is unlikely.

  • Is it worth reporting a stolen bike?

    Yes. First of all, as low as the recovery rate is in the UK, your recover chances are much closer to 0 if the police don’t know your bike is stolen. Secondly, if the thief makes a traffic infraction and the bike hasn’t been reported as stolen, you may be held accountable. Third, by reporting a theft, you help keep the statistics accurate so both bikers and the government have a more accurate picture of the scope of motorcycle theft in the UK.

  • Is it easy to steal motorcycles?

    Yes, unfortunately. According to the NCIS, some thefts may take as few as 20 seconds. Let’s start with the fact that most bikes can be carried or rolled away. Their built-in security is very easy to overcome – steering locks are easily broken and ignitions can be wired. For any real security, you need to invest in, at minimum, a lock and an alarm of some sort.