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How motorcycle tracker works

  • Monimoto Device is being hidden
    Monimoto Device

    Conceal Monimoto Device

    Conceal your Monimoto Device securely on your motorcycle. If possible, try to put it in a way that the GPS antenna would be pointing upwards. Find the best position out of sight of unwelcome eyes - the more time a thief spends while searching for the Device, the better chances you have to prevent motorcycle theft or recover it if it's stolen.
  • Young man siting on his motorcycle with Monimoto device
    Monimoto Device
    Monimoto Key

    Monimoto disarms with a Key Fob nearby

    Monimoto Device disarms as soon as it detects your paired Monimoto Key Fob nearby. So, there is no need for you to manually deactivate it - all you need to do is carry the Key Fob with you. We suggest keeping it in your riding apparel pocket, separately from your main keys to reduce the chances of losing it.
  • Motorcycle parked with Monimoto device hidden
    Monimoto Device

    Monimoto arms without a Key Fob nearby

    As soon as you leave your motorcycle and Monimoto Device can't detect your paired Monimoto Key Fob nearby, it automatically Arms itself and gets ready to detect any movement - whether it would be a theft attempt or some kids trying to play with your motorbike.
  • Motorcyle being stolen
    Monimoto Device

    Monimoto enters alert mode if it detects movement

    As soon as Monimoto detects movement, while being in Armed mode, it tries to detect a paired Key Fob - if it finds it, it assumes that it's the owner and Disarms itself, if not - then Monimoto Device enters Alarm mode and starts notifying its motorcycle owner about a possible theft.
  • Monimoto calls and sends GPS coordinates
    Monimoto Device
    Monimoto calls cellphone

    Monimoto calls and send GPS location coordinates

    Monimoto calls the motorcycle owner in 50 seconds after the movement has been detected and no paired Key Fob was found around. After that Monimoto starts sending motorcycle coordinates to the Monimoto App. It keeps updating the location periodically until the motorcycle stops.