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Moto Tracker App

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The Monimoto GPS tracker is monitored and controlled by pairing it with a designated Monimoto moto tracker app. The application enables configuration, monitoring as well as complete control and peace of mind for the owner of the motorbike.

Thanks to an affordable price, intuitive set of features as well as a straightforward and user-friendly interface, anyone can get the most out of their device with the free motorcycle tracker app – Monimoto. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This motorcycle alarm calls you in case of trouble and also displays a text alert on the app.

In this blog, we will introduce you with the app, familiarise you with the basics and provide the most essential information for any Monimoto device owner not just from the UK, but the rest of the world as well. From download to setup and configuration – everything related to motorbike protection will be covered. So, without further ado, let’s get to know the app!

How to get the app

Downloading the app is very simple, and requires nothing, other than an Android or iOS device. Navigate to the AppStore or Google Play Store and type in ‘Monimoto’ in the search.

Monimoto UAB published the app on both stores. However, be careful of what you choose to download since we are not responsible for third-party apps. Confirm the wish to download and wait until the application is installed. Now you are ready for the setup.

Setting the app, key & tracker up

  • Once the app is downloaded, open it. A pop-up alert will greet you. It regards push and pop-up notifications. Definitely enable them because push notifications are one of the primary channels for passing on crucial information about your bike.
  • Move on to signing in. Finalise the process. Authenticate your account by entering a code, which is sent to your phone via SMS. Alright? Are you all set? Well, then it is time to turn on the Bluetooth connectivity and get things going.
  • First up – remember whether you bought the Monimoto motorcycle GPS tracker with a built-in SIM card or chose to purchase it separately. Remove the cover from the top part of the tracker regardless.

A. If your solution was the latter (bought a SIM card separately), insert the SIM card into the designated slot, which is revealed after removing the top cap.
B. If the SIM card is already inside, move on to the next step.

  • Move on to removing a plastic strip at the very top of the device. At the same time, a bright red LED light should start flashing.
  • If all of that happened – great! Leave it be for a little while. We can move forward. The compact Monimoto tracker device is now prepared for pairing and ready for connectivity. Nonetheless, we still have to prepare the key (small, round thingy) and your phone for the process to be complete. Let’s start with the key.
  • You will need a screwdriver or something similar in order to finalise this step.

Take the screwdriver and insert the flat screwdriver into a single, very noticeable hole and lift the cover. Separate the key into two parts. The essential step in key preparation is the removal of the plastic band. As you carry this out, a LED light should start blinking. After the strip/band is removed, put the cover back on and click it into place. Both plastic straps (the one in the tracker and the key) are placed in order to prevent battery contact.

Voila! We are all done with the key and the tracker itself, time to move on to the mobile app.

It is the final step in the process. Make sure that all three devices (the key, the tracker and your phone) are very close together. The recommended distance between one another is no more than 20 centimetres. The scheme below should help you understand what we mean.

Initiate the scan (it could take close to a minute until the scan is complete), and follow the instructions on the screen of your phone. You will create an individual account where only your devices will be visible. The app will notify you after a successful pairing! Once pairing and account creation are complete, you are good to go. Using the Motorbike GPS alarm/tracker out in the real world has become possible.

Our FAQ page also has a similar guide on setting things up. You can find it here.

Or you could watch a detailed, high-quality video on the first-time setup of a Monimoto motorcycle tracker if that seems like the best option:



  • Some of the app’s features
  • Since our product is completely wireless, the setup wizard allows for a quick and effortless procedure that helps any owner to activate their tracker via iOS or Android app.
  • However, one might also wonder – what are the benefits of the Monimoto app?

The overview (Home – iOS; Device – Android)

In this tab (called ‘Home’ on iOS and ‘Device’ on Android), you can look at the status of your Monimoto device as well as the key. This information is helpful against absent-mindedness which results in the battery charging out and the device temporarily becoming of no use.

The device status will show the remaining charge on the battery, connectivity status as well as whether the device is armed and ready to go or triggered. Status (‘Ready’ or ‘Alarm’). It all depends on the situation, but we like to label ‘Ready’ as a good sign and ‘Alarm’ as a bad sign. If you see a red X mark ‘Alarm’, make sure to check it out immediately and report the theft or retrieve the Monimoto key. If you see a green tick (Ready), carry on.

Moreover, the same screen shows relevant information about the previously mentioned key fob. It shows the ID of the key and its battery status. You can also see a very specified date & time information on when did the last communication between the server and your tracker took place. This is pretty much it when it comes to the Home tab.

Motorcycle in the evening


The tab ‘Events’ is sort of a history log that documents any relevant activities that have happened with your tracker, key or the motorcycle itself. Most of the events inform the owner about the device’s status. It will read – ‘Monimoto is ready’ when the device is ready to use. This event is usually logged once per 24 hours. Furthermore, the log can help backtrack if your motorcycle is stolen.

Once you open the event log (post-factum), you can see when the alarm went off, and get an almost exact approximation of the occurrence of the theft. Besides, the event tab logs every instance whenever your device is ready to go, whenever the key is located, etc.
Almost all events come with the added option to see the location, where the incident happened. This very useful, once again, if your bike gets stolen, because you get continuous updates in short intervals on the ever-changing location of the bike or perhaps some other vehicle or object that you decide to track.


The ‘Info’ (iOS) or ‘Help’ (Android) tab will help to easily communicate with our support team to solve any issues that may occur or help prevent problems in the future. In addition, our support team will answer any questions to help make your experience with the Monimoto device much smoother.


The settings tab is comprised of a few options. On the iOS devices, you will find the options of logging out from the account, the shortcut for account deletion, direct messaging link with us as well as a button to restore Monimoto Firmware if gets stuck while updating,

Common issues – SOLVED

As with any app, there could be some things that might require time for you to get used to. However, we have listed them in the FAQ part of our website but will run down them just in case.

Just can’t seem to pair my app with the tracker – our tip here anticipates that you have already re-scanned and cleared out the cache and data of your application (Android). If the latter steps do not work, Reset the Monimoto device (Guide). Alternatively, you could try to pair it manually through ‘Bluetooth’ settings. iOS device users should try to disable and re-enable Bluetooth or resetting the Monimoto device.

Inaccurate tracking position – if your Monimoto device receives a weak GPS signal, it utilises the GSM signal, which only results in an approximate location being displayed. If the problem persists – try checking whether your device is installed correctly and fitted without any obstacles. Another possibility is the inconvenient location of underground parking or indoors.

‘Monimoto status was not updated’ – if you receive a notification which says that the status of your device was not updated, check the event list to confirm. This usually happens because of a temporary or one-time error with the GSM or internet connectivity. Check on your bike and wait once more. If the problem persists, check on the batteries, make sure the SIM card has credit, rotate the device 90 degrees, move the motorcycle to a location with a stronger signal. If none of these suggestions help – get in touch!
For some reason the device is deactivated – this means that your SIM card is empty. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select the ‘TOP-UP SIM CARD’ option.

Some final words

Think of the app as the control remote for your tracker. It helps monitor everything related to the tracker and the motorbike. Do not forget that both Monimoto MM5 and Monimoto MM6 alarms/trackers could also be used to track a scooter, mopeds or implemented as a protection measure for any precious belonging. So, you can buy it for anything.

If you happen to run into any issues with the application, get in touch with us online, via social media or the ‘Live chat’ on our site. Our down-to-earth support team will be glad to help out.

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