All shipping taxes and duties are paid by Monimoto

Shipping and returns

In this part of our page, you are going to find all of the relevant information about shipping methods as well as relevant information regarding return policy.

Shipping info

The order for any motorcycle GPS tracker which is carried out on a business day is shipped the same day. This anticipates that you paid by credit card. With other payment methods, the shipping details and terms could vary slightly.

For UK orders, we offer shipping and our clients can usually expect delivery the next working day. For more clarity, the orders from Monimoto, when placed until 1PM on any business day, should arrive on the next business day. If you placed it later, delivery could take a while longer.

Shipping confirmation emails are sent to your email. They confirm the order once more while also containing tracking number for the shipment.

Our dependable and trustworthy courier partners are TNT Express.

Terms for returns

If for some reason you are not fully satisfied and happy with your purchase, you can claim a full refund within 30 days. The eligible amount for refund is the full purchase price but not more.

The application and claims for refund are only accepted if you made purchases from our site and from UAB Monimoto directly. If you made deals with our partners or other stores, you should be in contact with them instead of us.

Shipping and transit fees are covered by you and they are not refundable.