Motorcycle Alarm Sensitivity Adjustment

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As riders, we know all too well just how vulnerable our motorcycles can be when parked. Two wheels are easier to steal than four. That’s why we protect them as best as we can, getting the best locks, chains, and motorcycle trackers money can buy.

However, while locks and chains are usually pretty straightforward, your motorcycle tracker might need a little fine-tuning. That’s simply to make sure it’s functioning at its best in your specific circumstances. Motorcycle alarm sensitivity adjustment is one of those fine-tune things.

Motorcycle Alarm Sensitivity Adjustment

All Monimoto devices come with pre-programmed settings that work great in most scenarios. However, you may want to adjust them to make sure the tracker is fully customized for your specific needs. While it isn’t always essential, the motorcycle alarm sensitivity adjustment can simply add to your peace of mind. The integrated Monimoto alarm, tracking, and GPS system is generally optimized for motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds in the UK. However, if you plan to travel, or if your daily commute is different, you may want to have a look at the settings just to be sure.

Here is how to adjust motorcycle alarm sensitivity to customize it for your circumstances. To make sure your motorcycle has the maximum amount of protection at any given time and location, we recommend you think about it.

What Is Motorcycle Alarm Sensitivity?

First things first: just how sensitive is your Monimoto alarm, and why is that important? The thing is, nothing happens in a vacuum. Your motorcycle, whether it’s parked in a closed garage, a parking lot, or out on the street, will be affected by external forces. Wind gusts, heavy traffic vibrations – all of this can affect the alarm system. As an example, if you left your bike in an underground parking lot and there’s a tube line nearby, there will be constant shaking and vibrations as the trains go by. You get the picture.

This is where motorcycle alarm sensitivity comes in. If it’s set to the most sensitive and you’re parking your bike somewhere busy, everything and anything might be setting it off. On the other hand, if the setting is low, you’ll only get an alarm call when your bike is actually being moved.

Monimoto has an integrated algorithm that makes the decision of whether to send the alarm or to hold off. It’s based on several factors, such as the motorcycle lean angle in all directions, as well as how fast this angle changes and for how long. So for example, if someone leans your bike over to put up the kickstand, Monimoto will react. On the other hand, if it’s merely a gust of wind, it will disregard the movement.

Alarm Sensitivity Levels

To make sure your alarm sensitivity setting is correct, you first need to think about where you normally leave your motorcycle. If it‘s at home or in a quiet, suburban or rural neighborhood, you may want to set your alarm to the most sensitive. This way, the tracker will react to the slightest movement of your bike. After all, the quicker you get the alarm, the more chances you have of reacting and preventing your bike from being stolen or getting it back. On the other hand, if you‘re parking it in a busy, noisy street, you can pick the lowest setting. This is to make sure the alarm isn‘t going off every time a truck or a train rumbles by.

How to Adjust Motorcycle Alarm Sensitivity

Now that you know what‘s going on, it‘s time to have a look at your Monimoto app and set the sensitivity. If you don‘t do it manually, the Monimoto device will automatically be set to medium sensitivity as a standard. We only recommend changing the sensitivity settings if you are normally leaving your bike in either a very quiet area or an unusually noisy and busy one.

To adjust your motorcycle alarm sensitivity, tap on your Monimoto phone app. Once it‘s open, tap on the Settings icon, then tap Connect, then Settings and Motion Sensitivity. Here, you‘ll find three sensitivity levels. Tap on the one you think is best for your bike. You‘re all set!

Ideally, we recommend testing out several sensitivity levels to see which one works best for you. In addition, you can change alarm sensitivity settings when traveling, for example. At home, set it to the most sensitive, and while on the road, pick a lower setting, especially if you‘re parking your motorcycle on the streets or other public spaces.

What alarm sensitivity level works best for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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