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Five measures for any owner in motorcycle theft prevention

In the UK, we do have a bike theft problem. In the next 24 hours, more than 125 motorcycles will be stolen. Over the course of this year, some 50 thousand mopeds, scooters and motorcycles should be reported as thieved. How much of them will be returned? Less than a fifth of the total…

The numbers could shock and intimidate you. However, know that you have a handful of measures against motorbike thieves that you can use. These measures will not just prevent theft, but in case it happens, give the necessary tools and instruments to track your possession down and help law enforcement retrieve it as well as catch the perpetrators.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the five preventative measures that a motorcycle owner can take to prevent motorcycle theft in the UK. These will be the best tips, tricks and things to watch out for theft protection.

No. 1 – Improve security at home

Out of the 50 thousand total, 40 thousand motorbikes will be stolen from the homes of the owners. Most of these thefts do happen overnight; most of them occur in urban areas of England. Nevertheless, even though Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish owners face a smaller risk, it is still a significant concern which needs attention.

In a recent survey of criminals, car & motorcycle thieves as well as burglars admitted that certain security measures do throw them off. However, a persistent and determined thief will not stop at anything, but some actions have proven to disrupt their dirty work.

These measures are:

  • Motion-triggered lights
  • Guard dogs
  • Alarms
  • Security cameras

As we said, these measures might not stop all thieves, but it will make them think twice before assaulting your property.

Moreover, a light, triggered by their silent steps could throw a criminal off track, make them hesitate and feel anxious. A guard dog could alert the owner and take care of the thief by itself, while an alarm or security camera is an excellent measure if something wrong goes down. Noticing the crime and identifying the criminal becomes much more manageable.

So, to sum up – we would recommend implementing not necessarily all, but at least some of the features listed here. An alarm on your motorbike is great, but proper backyard lighting and a few security cameras could really put thieves at unease. Moreover, something like a rottweiler or a German Shepheard is not just a great pet; it also protects.

Motorcycle in the yard

No. 2 – Always be aware

Even if almost all motorbike thefts happen from homes, letting loose while on the road or out in the town should not be on your agenda. Criminals could be lurking just around the corner for all you know.
We are not trying to raise too much panic, but since a skilled criminal only needs twenty to thirty seconds before he or she can set off on your motorcycle, becoming off guard is really dangerous. We are trying to help you find out more about what situations attract criminals, and when are you most vulnerable to their acts.

Do not leave a motorcycle far from your sight. A radius of 30-40 second sprint is the most cautious distance. However, such cautions cripple mobility and limit your freedom. This is why you need to think ahead before going out on your bike. Stay away from areas with a bad rap and try to park closer to where you will sit down or be.

No. 3 – Killing the… Switch

Just a plain old kill switch can be a steep enough hurdle for the thief, and he or she could leave frustrated and empty-handed. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a ‘Kill switch’, let us have the pleasure of doing an introduction.

In the shortest way possible, a kill switch is an additional trigger-based mechanism that prevents the engine of any vehicle from starting. For example, the usual ignition process requires to turn the key. With a kill switch, an additional requirement comes into play. It could be a new button, a unique knob or anything else. It is configurable and after the switch is installed, only the owner knows how to start their motorbike, scooter, moped, etc. correctly.

Kill switches genuinely and greatly frustrate thieves because they waste precious time, and most of the time, decide to leave altogether.

No. 4 – GPS tracking

We think that no motorcycle theft prevention in the UK or anywhere else for that matter is complete without a GPS tracker. We mentioned this earlier. It is vital that you do not lose your bike from sight. Trackers help do just that.

Monimoto has set out to make the best motorcycle anti-theft GPS in the UK and the rest of the world. Nonetheless, they offer clients the possibility to buy these high-quality GPS anti-theft and tracking devices online, at a very affordable price. As standard, the Monimoto M7 uses LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and 2G networks and works in Europe and the United States. You can find the full list of supported countries here.

The tracker will notify you immediately after something suspicious goes down. The Monimoto starts non-stop calls to get your attention, for example.

No. 5 – Park together

This is mostly useful when you are on the road with other riders but could also apply to overnight parking, etc.

When there is a possibility, try to place your motorbike next to others. This way it becomes much more difficult to wiggle out of a tight spot, and your motorcycle becomes a much smaller target than when it is on its own. There are services listing main parking spots in the city like this London motorcycle bay map. If your route is known to you, try searching for a parking spot in advance to avoid leaving your ride on the street on its own.

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