Motorcycle Alarms: A Comprehensive Guide

motorcycle alarms guide

Motorcycle theft has been more widespread over the years, with the number of cases gradually growing. According to the NICB, motorcycle thefts climbed by 7% from 2021 to 2022, with an average of 4,561 bikes stolen per month in 2022.

Because of its small weight, a motorbike becomes an easy yet profitable target for thieves. There is no such thing as being overly cautious when it comes to your motorcycle’s protection. Investing in a motorcycle alarm system is an excellent approach to keeping your bike safe from theft. In this guide, we’ll look at motorcycle alarms, including how they work, their benefits, and how to pick the best one for your needs.

What is a motorcycle alarm?

A motorbike alarm is a security system designed to deter theft and unauthorized access to your bike. Typically, these systems come with GPS tracker functionality, motorcycle motion alarm sensors, sirens, remote engine disconnect, and other features. When the alarm senses a suspicious activity (unauthorized movement or tampering) it emits a loud sound to scare off potential thieves.

How Does it Work?

Motorcycle security alarm uses a mix of sensors and monitoring systems to detect any unusual movement. Motion sensors, for example, detect movement or vibrations, whereas proximity sensors detect when someone approaches the motorbike. When the alarm is activated, it emits a loud sound signal. Most alarms come with a remote control which allows you to activate and deactivate the system remotely. Some of them come with integrated GPS tracker alarm features – these alarms can provide an accurate location to your phone in case of theft.

Main benefits

A motorcycle security alarm has various advantages beyond theft deterrents. First and foremost, it gives an extra layer of protection to your bike, giving you peace of mind when parking in public locations. Some insurance providers may give you a discount on bike insurance for installing an authorized alarm system. Furthermore, having a motorcycle alarm that notifies your phone guarantees that you are promptly aware of any suspicious behavior, allowing you to respond quickly.

Motorcycle Alarms

How to choose the best one?

When deciding on the best alarm system, consider compatibility, convenience of use, and security features. Search for a motorcycle alarm with phone app that sends you alert notifications straight away. For enhanced security and peace of mind, make sure the alarm has extra features like a motorbike alarm and immobiliser and easily interacts with the security system currently installed on your bike.

It’s critical to conduct thorough research and read user reviews when looking for a motorcycle alarm system. Look for reputable brands that offer reliable products backed by warranties. Although we don’t advocate for any particular brand, the Monimoto tracker is one option to consider. This innovative motorcycle alarm and tracker integrates GPS technology, providing real-time location tracking in case of theft. With Monimoto, you can rest assured your motorcycle is secured and is being monitored closely, giving a layer of protection and peace of mind. Learn more about the Monimoto motorcycle alarm and how it can protect your bike.

Alternative security measures for motorcycle protection

Apart from traditional alarms, there are several alternative security measures that you can consider. One popular option is a GPS tracker alarm which can provide real-time location tracking to help recover a stolen bike. If you’d like to learn more about possible alternatives, check out our article Alternatives to Motorcycle Alarms. [link to come]

For those seeking a bit more advanced protection, we suggest investing in a motorbike alarm and immobiliser – not only does it sound an alarm to deter any suspicious activity, but it also includes immobilization of the engine to prevent theft attempts.

It’s also crucial to realize that motorcycle alarms alone will not deter criminals, so installing additional security measures will strengthen your bike’s defense.

  • Chains and locks are commonly used to secure your bike. Look for reputed manufacturers of hardened steel locks and chains, such as U-locks and disc locks with a powerful locking mechanism.
  • Steering locks: Motorcycles often come with steering locks that limit manual shifting and can make shifting challenging. Although handlebar locks are not perfect, they offer additional theft protection and are commonly included as standard features on new motorcycle models.
  • Garage and parking lot: The risk of theft is greatly reduced by parking your motorcycle in a garage or a private parking place monitored by CCTV cameras.


A motorcycle alarm is an excellent investment to protect your valuable possessions from theft. Take your time to weigh various security options and use at least two layers of protection – choosing the right device increases peace of mind and safety when you step away from your bike.

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