Scooter Safety: Don’t Get Scooted Away – How a GPS Tracker Protects Your Ride

Scooter with a GPS tracker

Scooting around town is a fun and convenient way to get around, the efficiency and lightweight handling make them a perfect mode of transportation. Scooters can serve various purposes, from riding in urban or suburban areas to commuting, shopping or just getting about.

If you own a scooter or plan to buy one, you must be aware of the growing trend of scooter theft. In this article, we’ll share some strategies on how to make your ride harder to steel.

The Problem

Scooters are easy targets for thieves because of their size and weight, in fact, scooters have the highest risk of theft in the U.S. It is rare for scooters to come with built-in anti-theft GPS trackers. Even one of the most popular scooter manufacturers – Piaggo – hasn’t developed a solution to minimize the risk of Vespa thefts. Similarly, pre-installed GPS trackers for electric scooters are not common and this is why owners must proactively think of ways to protect their 2-wheelers.

A lock is a standard and most popular security tool. A bulky chain lock or a disc lock can work as an obstacle and could discourage thieves from messing around with your scooter. You can also lock your scooter to an immovable object such as a ground anchor.

Never leave your ride in a remote place out of sight – use public parking that has CCTV cameras. Always make sure to use the steering lock and remove the ignition keys, even if you go away just for a few minutes. Thieves are opportunists and will look for bikes that are easy and quick to steal.

Monimoto to the Rescue

Even though a lock or a disc lock are great deterrents, they are easy to break and won’t help you retrieve a stolen scooter. In such situations, your only hope is a hidden tracking device for a scooter.

Monimoto’s GPS tracker for scooters is a perfect solution – it is small and easy to install, has a long (12-24 month) battery life, and will alert you immediately of any suspicious activity. You don’t have to worry about parking your scooter in a public place – it is being monitored and you’ll be notified right away.

Scooter with a GPS tracker

Exploring GPS Tracker Options

When selecting a tracker for a scooter, there are many options available on the market for different needs and budgets. Take into consideration these factors:

  • Size: a small and discreet GPS tracker is better as it can be easily hidden and won’t be that visible to thieves.
  • Simple setup: GPS trackers can either be wireless or hardwired to your scooter’s battery. The installation of wired trackers can be a bit more complicated and sometimes they require a professional’s help, which will incur an additional installation fee. On the contrary, Monimoto is wireless and takes under 10 minutes to install. The process is extremely straightforward – you just need to download the app, pair the device and the provided Key Fob with the app and you’re all set!
  • Battery life: the longer the battery life, the better as no one wants the inconvenience of having to charge or replace the batteries every few weeks.
  • Theft alerts: make sure the tracker you choose sends you instant call or notification alerts about any suspicious activity or any attempts to tamper or remove the tracker from your scooter.
  • Accuracy: reliable and accurate tracking is crucial for any GPS tracker. Look for trackers that use advanced GPS technology that allows you to track your vehicle in areas with poor reception.

Benefits of using a GPS tracker for scooters

  • Discreet Protection: most trackers for scooters are small and can be easily fitted on various scooter models. Unlike bulky chain locks or alarm locks, GPS trackers are designed to be undetectable to thieves. Monimoto 9 tracker, for example, measures 0.58 × 1.52× 3.65 inches so you can discreetly hide it inside your vehicle.
  • Peace of mind: knowing that your scooter is armed with a reliable GPS tracking device offers confidence and reassurance. You can enjoy your ride while the tracker takes care of security.
  • Real-time alerts: One of the primary advantages of using a tracking device for your scooter. You will always be in the know if your vehicle is tampered with and will be able to track its location in real-time.

The Monimoto Advantage

We cannot stress enough the importance of investing in a GPS tracker for your scooter.

Among various tracker options available, the Monimoto GPS tracker stands out as a trusted solution for scooter owners. It has all the features you’d need to secure your ride – a long battery life, real-time alerts in case of theft, simple installation, a user-friendly app, and accurate global tracking.

Monimoto 9 GPS tracker and Key Fob

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