Secure Your Gear: How GPS Tracking Protects Your Valuable Construction Equipment

Equipment with GPS tracker

Imagine arriving at the construction site first thing in the morning only to find out that your excavators are missing. Equipment theft could be one of your worst nightmares but such things happen.

According to the National Equipment Register (NER), construction equipment theft ranges from $300 million to $1 billion in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately, the majority of the equipment is never recovered.

The Problem

Stolen equipment causes significant inconveniences – a cost to replace the stolen equipment, project delays, lost hours, and productivity.

It’s often challenging to secure building sites. The equipment gets moved around, excavation works are done, foundations are laid, and construction workers come and go. At night, due to a lack of personnel and security measures available on-site, it’s harder to protect assets and easier for thieves to get access to them.

Also, many companies don’t recognize the benefits of GPS tracking for construction equipment and that there are trackers in the market specifically designed to withstand the rugged conditions of a construction site and provide security features.

Security tips

Despite the challenges, there are several steps construction and rental companies can take that could have a huge impact on decreasing asset theft.

  • Install cameras: one of the recommended things to do to protect your equipment. Video monitoring can help capture the faces of perpetrators, plate numbers, and vehicles.
  • Build fences: it is strongly advisable to surround your construction sites with a fence. Remember to check it regularly for any cuts that thieves could have made in preparation for theft.
  • Lock your assets and remove keys: whenever a machine is not in use, always use a lock (if possible), and remove the keys from tractors or any other vehicles you leave unattended.
  • Have an emergency contact: either have a person do regular checks for your site while you’re away or ensure that businesses nearby have your contacts and can call you in case of an emergency.
  • Make a list: take photos of your valuable equipment and make a list, including their serial number, model, and value. In case any of your equipment gets stolen, you will have a lot of helpful information to give to the police.

Construction equipment with GPS tracker

Enter Monimoto

Many companies often overlook the importance of GPS trackers for heavy equipment and assets, relying on traditional security measures. When locks and fences fail to protect your assets, a GPS tracker is your chance to get your stolen equipment back. Monimoto GPS tracker for equipment will send you immediate alerts and help you track the real-time location of your machines in case of theft. Its key features include:

  • No wires: Monimoto is wireless so all you need to do is download the app, pair the tracker and that’s it! You can go ahead and hide it. You can also easily move it from one machine to another.
  • Long battery life: Depending on the model, Monimoto trackers can last up to 12-24 months, ensuring uninterrupted GPS tracking for construction equipment.
  • Global coverage: the device operates on LTE-M connectivity and works globally.
  • Real-time tracking: in a theft scenario, you’ll get an alert and a GPS location to your Monimoto app. Track the equipment in real time to significantly increase your chances of getting it back.
  • Call alerts: other GPS trackers send SMS or push notifications to report theft attempts. Messages can be easily missed, that’s why Monimoto actually calls the owner so you’ll never miss an alert.

Additional Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, equipment owners should also prioritize small device sizes as it allow for various mounting options.

Monimoto 9 is only 1.69×1.14×0.35 in and will easily fit in any equipment type, be it a bulldozer, a crane, or an excavator. Because it’s small and discreet, it will be impossible to detect. This makes heavy equipment GPS tracking even more effective.

Monimoto offers a hassle-free installation where no technical knowledge is required, meaning construction professionals can set up the device themselves without needing complex instructions and wiring.


When you use a combination of security measures and add a GPS tracker, you can rest assured your equipment is safe and protected. Monimoto GPS tracking system for equipment could be a perfect solution for your construction company. It will send you daily equipment location pings as well as help you retrieve a misplaced machine quickly. Instead of worrying, you can now focus on your core projects while Monimoto is monitoring your assets.

Monimoto 9 GPS tracker and Key Fob

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