Demystifying Car GPS Trackers: Peace of Mind and Theft Recovery

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Even though most cars have built-in alarm systems, they’re still very easy to steal. Thieves are always developing new tactics for stealing a vehicle, and car owners rely too much on pre-installed alarms and locks. According to the NICB reports, 873,080 cars were reported stolen in 2020. The number increased by 9.2% when compared with data from 2019.

As car theft is becoming a growing concern, it’s important to equip your car with a reliable security solution like an anti-theft car tracker. Monimoto is a known name in the GPS tracker products for vehicles that can provide extra peace of mind and effective protection from theft.

The Power of Real-Time Location Tracking

The biggest benefit of GPS trackers is the real-time tracking feature. With Monimoto’s GPS tracker for cars, the owners will be alerted instantly about any unauthorized use. In an unfortunate event of theft, you’ll get a phone call along with the first GPS location to the Monimoto car tracking app. This real-time information is precious, especially when cooperating with police to recover the vehicle.

When traveling with your car, you often have to park it in unfamiliar and crowded areas. Moreover, leaving your car parked for long periods of time may increase the chances of theft or unauthorized use. With a GPS car tracking system, you can rest assured that it is monitored and protected all day.

Ensuring Recovery with Discreet Tracking

We mentioned earlier that thieves are getting more creative in stealing vehicles, so it’s important to have a discreet and undetectable car tracking device in your security arsenal. Monimoto’s car GPS tracker measures 1.69×1.14×0.35 in, so it’s perfect to fit anywhere in your car. Because it has no wires, it won’t drain your car’s battery and can be easily portable from one vehicle to another.

The small device size increases the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle, as thieves are unaware of being tracked.

We also want to briefly mention the legal aspect of GPS tracking, as some of you may wonder if it’s legal to put a GPS tracker device in a car. If you’re the owner of the car, the answer is yes. The same goes for your motorcycle, scooter, boat, or equipment – if you own it, you can legally put the tracker in it.

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User-Friendly App for Easy Monitoring

Having an intuitive and easy-to-use app is essential for seamless interaction with the car GPS tracker. Many cheap Chinese-made GPS trackers might have a more attractive price, but they’ll lack features and have poorly designed apps, which can compromise your vehicle’s security.

Monimoto’s main priority is quality and a user-friendly interface, offering features such as:

  • Extremely simple setup: The app will guide you through the installation which takes only under 10 minutes.
  • Customizable features: You can adjust the sensitivity of the tracker, select how often you want to get periodic device battery checks, and more!
  • Low battery alerts: Whenever the device’s battery drops below 20%, you will be notified via push notification. Usually, Monimoto’s batteries last up to 12-24 months, depending on the tracker model.
  • Real-time car GPS tracking: Without your Key Fob nearby, Monimoto will enter Alarm mode. It will start sending you location notifications every 5 minutes while the vehicle is moving. You can also manually request a faster interval of locations during alarm mode. It will provide you with a location update every 1-2 minutes for 10 minutes in a row.

Monimoto: Your Reliable Tracking Partner

We always encourage you to have at least a few layers of protection to enhance the security of your precious vehicle. Adding a steering wheel lock, an anti-theft GPS car tracker, and with the help of a built-in alarm, you’ll be ready and protected.

Always choose a reliable security GPS tracker for a car to deter theft and increase your chances of smooth vehicle recovery. Look for a device offering hassle-free installation, a user-friendly app, and real-time tracking.

Monimoto car tracker proves to be a great choice for car owners, offering simplicity, waterproof and robust design, and reliable protection. While you enjoy your ride or leave your car parked outside, Monimoto monitors the vehicle 24/7 and takes care of its security.

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