Ultimate Guide to Bike GPS Trackers: Find Peace of Mind on Every Ride

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An average of 175,200 bikes are stolen in the US every year according to the data from the FBI. And these are only the reported thefts, so in reality, the number is much higher! Research by 529 Garage shows that 80% of bike theft victims in the U.S. didn’t report theft to police. Bike security is a serious concern for cyclists so it’s really important to know how to protect your bike.

We always advise having at least two layers of protection, this is why we recommend getting bicycle insurance and a sturdy lock. However, even with these measures, bicycle theft remains a possibility.  If you want to go a step further in protecting your valuable bike, consider getting a bicycle GPS tracker.

Are bike GPS trackers worth it?

They are indeed! If you enjoy exploring the world on two wheels or simply use your bike to commute to work, a GPS tracker for bicycles is a smart choice for every bike owner. These small but incredibly useful devices are your best bet to fight bicycle theft.

Whenever you park your bike, you can rest assured it’s monitored, and if your bike ever gets stolen, you will get an alert immediately and will be able to track the bike’s location in real time.

Some bicycle trackers offer more features besides anti-theft security, such as route tracking, and geofencing, or they can double as a tail light, so it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Understanding GPS Tracking Technology

By understanding how bicycle GPS tracking works and the technology behind it, you can make an informed decision about which GPS tracker is right for you.

The trackers use a network of satellites to pinpoint the exact location of your bike. These devices rely on signals from multiple satellites and transmit the gathered data to a receiver, such as a smartphone. This allows you to monitor your bike’s whereabouts in real-time. Advanced trackers may offer additional features like geofencing, allowing you to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts if your bike leaves the area.

There are certain factors that can affect the accuracy of GPS tracking such as poor satellite visibility or interference from buildings or other obstacles. Accurate bicycle tracking depends on the quality of the tracker’s sensors. Many cycling devices come with built-in accelerometers, barometers, and magnetometers, which can help to improve accuracy.

Different Types of Bike GPS Trackers:

With a variety of trackers available on the market, let’s explore the most common ones:

Real-time Tracking

One of the most popular types of trackers for bicycles. You will be alerted immediately if your bike gets stolen and will be able to track its location in real time. Also, some GPS trackers allow you to get the instant location of your bike at any given time, as well as track it live through a mobile app whenever you like. However, you must note that constant real-time tracking drains the battery faster and it usually lasts between 3 to 10 days.

Waterproof GPS Trackers

With a waterproof GPS tracker, you don’t need to worry about rain, splashes, and moisture – it will continue to function properly even in harsh weather conditions. Manufacturers equip these trackers with a waterproof pouch or case to withstand wear and tear.

Discreet GPS Trackers

These bicycle security trackers can be either small so not that visible to the public eye or can be integrated into your bicycle. For example, a GPS tracker can be hidden in a tail light and resemble a normal reflector, keeping it discreet from potential thieves. Some tracking devices can be placed inside handlebars which makes them completely invisible and will require special tools to remove.

Trackers with Additional Features

Apart from theft alerts and live tracking, some GPS trackers offer additional value-added features that cater to the diverse needs of cyclists. Features like geofencing, location or trip history, built-in lights, and more enhance bike tracking functionality.

Choosing the Right Tracker:

When selecting the best tracker for your bike, you need to consider various factors, which we outlined below:

Battery Life

There are two types of bicycle trackers – those with replaceable batteries and those with rechargeable ones. If you’re going to invest in a tracking device, it should be able to do the job without needing a battery replacement or a recharge every few days.

However, it’s important to note that constant bicycle tracking drains batteries faster, so it is recommended to look for a tracker with an automatic arm and disarm function and use the standby mode to save the tracker’s power. Ultimately, you need to think about how long you’re using your bike and for what purpose to determine which tracker type suits you most.


Another important aspect to consider is the device’s connectivity and network coverage. In a critical situation such as locating your stolen bike, it is crucial to have a reliable cellular network and coverage to get real-time location updates. Unlike small Bluetooth devices (like Apple Airtag) that can only track lost items nearby, a GPS tracker offers worldwide coverage and is more suitable for long-distance tracking.


The price of a bicycle security tracker can vary anywhere between $50 to $200 and most likely will require a monthly or yearly subscription. Most companies offer flexible subscription plans, and you can conveniently purchase and manage your subscription via the bicycle tracking app.

Ease of Use

Look for a bike tracker with a user-friendly app interface and a straightforward installation process. The app should be accessible, intuitive, and easy to navigate without sacrificing its functionality. Check reviews on the App Store and Google Play Stores – they can give you a better idea if the app of the tracker you chose is functioning properly, how often it is updated, whether there are any bugs, and how their customer support is.

Additional Features

Nowadays, bicycle trackers offer a variety of features to enhance security and convenience. Before buying a tracking device, think about the functionalities that matter most to you. Do you need a bicycle GPS tracker for anti-theft purposes only, or do you also want to be able to record your trips and revisit them later? Once you identify your priorities, you can select a GPS tracker that best meets your needs and enhances your biking experience.

Installation and Activation

The market is full of GPS tracking devices for bicycles so choose the one that fits your bicycle model and measurements – some trackers can be attached to your bike’s frame,  placed under the seat, or inserted into the handlebar. Always check the measurements of the GPS tracker to make sure it fits.

The installation of a GPS tracker is usually pretty simple and straightforward. There are no wires just a couple of screws to help you attach the device to your bicycle, simply follow up the setup guide provided by the manufacturer.

Then, the next step is to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account. Make sure your GPS tracker is on and then enable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to complete the setup process. Finally, you need to test the connection to ensure that the device is communicating with the mobile app.

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Legality of Hidden GPS Trackers

Is it legal to put a GPS tracker on your bicycle? Well, if you’re the owner of the bike, you can use a GPS tracker legally. If you need a GPS tracker for your vehicle or asset, you don’t have to worry about such laws.

However, laws regarding tracking a person with an electronic device vary depending on the state and the specific circumstances. In many U.S. states, unauthorized tracking of a person without their consent would likely be considered a violation of privacy laws and could be illegal.


Investing in a bicycle security tracker is a simple investment that delivers essential security and peace of mind. With features like instant theft alerts and real-time tracking, you can rest assured your bike is safe.

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For more useful strategies on how to prevent bike theft, check out our comprehensive guide.

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