How to set up a bicycle GPS tracker

Cycloop tracker on bicycle

You’ve just received and unpacked your Cycloop bicycle tracker. Congratulations! Your bike will be so much better protected now, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to the Cycloop family.

However, now that you’ve got it, you’ll need to know how to set it up and test it. When it comes to Cycloop, there are two key parts of the process. First, it’s setting up the Monimoto app and key fob. Next, it’s fitting the tracker on your bicycle.

In this post, we’ll talk a little about how to test the tracker.


Cycloop GPS tracker for bicycles is different from any other device on the market. Due to its unique design, Cycloop acts as an effective thief deterrent. The GPS anti-theft tracker will alert you as soon as it is tampered with. Cycloop uses specially designed screwheads – it is highly unlikely the device can be removed without specialist tools or damage to the bike itself, making your bike an unattractive target to thieves. Cycloop has a very simple set up – only 4x screws to install it in place.  And because its batteries are enough to power your device for 12+ months (you will be alerted via the app in case their level gets low), there is no tracker maintenance required.


For proper fitting of the Cycloop tracker onto your bicycle, it’s essential to ensure that your bike’s frame meets specific requirements. There are two ways to fit it – either putting the tracker on the bicycle frame or under the seat.

The tracker is designed to fit circular or oval shaped tubes with a diameter ranging from 0.98 inches to 1.46 inches. Included with the tracker are two insertable sizing rubbers, offering flexibility for adjustments. When installing the tracker under the seat, it’s important to note that the frame diameter should fall within the specified range of 0.98 inches to 1.46 inches. To enhance security, it’s advisable to avoid using under a quick-release seat, as this may facilitate easier removal of the tracker.

Cycloop tracker on bicycle


Once you’ve set up the key fob and app and fitted the tracker on your bike, it’s time for a quick test. This is just to make sure your Cycloop is set up correctly and works as intended. To trigger the alarm in Cycloop, you must ensure the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Bluetooth is OFF on your phone: Cycloop relies on Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your smartphone. Make sure to disable Bluetooth to prevent any interference with the alarm system.
  2. The Key Fob is not detected by the tracker: The Key Fob serves as a proximity sensor for the Cycloop tracker. There are two methods to ensure it is not detected.
    1. Remove the battery from the Key Fob. Keep the Key Fob at least 50 meters away from the Cycloop device in an open area.
    2. Place the Key Fob in an RFID signal blocking pouch or box to prevent detection.
  3. Activate the alarm based on sensitivity level: Depending on the sensitivity level set in the Cycloop settings, you need to shake, move, or tilt your bicycle for several seconds to initiate the alarm. This action triggers the motion sensors within the Cycloop device, prompting the alarm to start.


What if I receive a call but don’t see any alarm or location updates on the app?

If you get a call, but see no Alarm or location on the app, it could be the Key Fob was found or the app connected over Bluetooth to the tracker right after the call, stopping the alarm. NOTE: Any app connection over Bluetooth returns the device to Disarmed mode. To receive push notifications, the app must be closed. Otherwise, you have to refresh home screen manually.

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