How to secure your ATV

A little bit of work can go a long way towards securing your ATV. You don’t need an armored vault in your garage just to keep your ATV safe. Too many ATV owners either don’t worry about ATV security, thinking they don’t need it, or they avoid taking security measures because they think they will be too costly or time-consuming. In fact, an ATV is more likely to be stolen than a car, since a stolen ATV is much easier to conceal and/or disguise than a stolen car. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your ATVs.

1. Use chains and locks

Purchasing high-quality locks is one of the most important things you can do to stop ATV theft. Heavy-duty locks can serve as a deterrent as thieves frequently target easily-accessed vehicles. To construct numerous layers of protection, think about combining different types of locks, such as steering locks, padlocks, and wheel locks Another effective way of protecting your ATV is anchoring it to the ground or the wall, so it’s impossible to lift or drive your ATV.

2. Keep your ATV locked

Make sure your ATV is secured behind a locked door wherever you store it. This can be in a lockable shed, your trailer or a garage.  For extra security, place your ATV behind your car if you store it in your garage.  If you can’t fit it behind something else, keep it covered by a tarp or other covering. A possible thief is likely to go on and leave your belongings alone if they are unable to see it.

If you don’t have a shed or a garage to put your ATV away, make it difficult to get to. Keep your ATV behind a vehicle or just tuck it out of the way somewhere. Choose an obscure location that is not easily visible from the road, reducing the likelihood of theft. Additionally, install visible deterrents such as security cameras, both inside and outside the storage area. Thieves are less likely to target a location with surveillance. Want to make it a bit more difficult for thieves? Remove the valve stems from two of your tires and let them deflate. There is no way anyone will want to try and move your ATV in that condition.

3. Use advanced security devices

In addition to traditional locks, consider adding advanced security systems for that extra layer of protection. While it may seem unnecessary and will cost extra money, tools like GPS trackers can give you peace of mind while protecting your valuables.

At Monimoto, we developed an affordable yet effective solution to secure your ATV. Monimoto 9 GPS tracker features a water-resistant design and built-in GPS, keeping your ATV safe with pinpoint location accuracy and instant smartphone alerts. Its long-lasting battery, compact size, and simple setup make Monimoto the ideal choice for your ATV security.

4. Protect your ATV trailer from theft

Never store your ATV in an open trailer – use it for transportation only. If you use an enclosed trailer for your ATV, make sure it is locked and secured to something. Coupler, tongue, and hitch locks are available to keep your trailer safe. Additionally, use an anchor that is fixed in place and a heavy chain. Another idea is getting your trailer a wheel lock (similar to what police use on vehicles that are parked illegally). A wheel lock prevents the trailer from being moved and serves as an obvious deterrent. Your trailer’s sides and roof should be painted with large identifying numbers. This way if it is stolen it can be easily identified.

Again, as with your ATV, consider investing in advanced security solutions for your trailer such as GPS trackers or alarm locks, so that you are alerted when an attempt is being made to steal your trailer.

5. Make it easier to track your stolen ATV

  • If your ATV is stolen, report the theft to the police as soon as possible. If you have a GPS tracker installed, you should share the location history with the authorities to help facilitate the recovery of your four-wheeler.
  • Keep copies of your VIN and serial number in case your ATV is recovered some time later so that authorities can identify and match it after you report it stolen.
  • Keep an eye out online for listings or private sellers who may be trying to sell a stolen vehicle.
  • Make sure your insurance covers theft so you can receive compensation or be protected from serious financial loss if an item is stolen and not recovered.

Additional Crucial Points to Remember

  • Ensure your ATV is visible. Keep your ATV visible whether you are riding a trail, camping, or attending an ATV race. This one might seem simple enough, but you don’t want to leave your ATV where someone could take it if you plan to ride it occasionally. Your ATV could be taken by someone even without the key, so if it can’t be safely locked away, keep it visible.
  • Don’t show off your ATV at home. You are promoting your expensive toy to everyone who sees it, whether you are washing your ATV, performing maintenance, or just having fun in your neighborhood.
  • Let test rides only with caution. Make sure you have enough security to ensure that if you sell your ATV or just let someone use it for a ride out of kindness, they won’t take off permanently. Ascertaining that they abandon their vehicle is the simplest course of action. If they do leave their car behind, make sure you keep an eye on it so when you go inside to wait for them to come back, they can’t sneak back and steal the vehicle. Establish a deadline for their return and notify the authorities if they don’t return in a reasonable amount of time.
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