Yamaha T-Max Must-Have Accessories

 Yamaha T-Max is among the most popular London mopeds, often dubbed the “maxi-scooter”. No wonder some of the Yamaha T-Max must-have accessories are similar to those we’d recommend for motorcycle owners. The T-Max might be a moped, but it has the looks and the power of an agile, medium-range geared bike.

Yamaha T-Max first came out in 2001, and ever since, it has been among the bestsellers in the UK as well as worldwide.  The newest T-Max model boasts a 560cc, four-stroke engine, a 14l capacity tank, and a and a larger wheelbase than most mopeds. With its impressive 160km top speed, the T-Max definitely stands out. The scooter’s large seats make for comfortable riding both solo and two-up. There’s plenty of storage space underneath the seat, the windscreen is adjustable, and the scooter has inbuilt heated seat and grips. The Yamaha T-Max is an ideal commuter, but it can also be used for travel and weekend rides.

Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it? However, any rider will agree that there is always something to modify, add, or customize when it comes to your wheels. Whether you’re using your moped for commuting, zipping around town, or short trips, here is a list of Yamaha T-Max must-have accessories we love.

Yamaha T-Max Comfort

Mods to Make Your Ride Smoother

Yamaha T-Max is the undisputed king of scooters, but as with any stock bike, it could do with a few tweaks to add even more comfort when you’re riding. If you’re planning to use your scooter year-round, you probably already own high-quality waterproof riding gear and the scooter commuter’s kit.

However, there are a few things you could add to your T-Max itself to make sure your ride is as smooth as can be.

T-Max Apron

Most scooter riders swear by riding aprons which protect you from weather, road grime and debris, and dust. Also known as “scooter skirts” or “rain skirts”, these aprons vary in size and quality. If you’re looking for a riding apron created specifically for your scooter, we’ve got some great news: Yamaha has actually designed a T-Max riding apron, available at most aftermarket parts stores and online. The T-Max apron is waterproof and features a soft fleece inner layer, as well as an anti-theft cable. Easily removed with a zipper, the apron also doubles as a seat cover, so your seat always stays dry.

Heated Grips

The 2020 Yamaha T-Max model comes with heated grips, but if you have an older version, you may want to install them yourself. Heated grips can make a significant difference during the cold months when the weather is rainy and chilly.

yamaha t max must have accessories scooter heated grips

Heated grips can make a big difference.

There are several brands of heated grips to choose from, ranging from basic wire wraps to more sophisticated versions. Our pro tip? Aside from thinking about your budget and preference, aim for a pair of heated grips that are the easiest to install.


If you already have heated grips but feel you need even more comfort, consider adding handguards (sometimes called “hand visors”). Popular among motorcycle and scooter riders alike, handguards protect your hands from cold wind and partly, from rain. Handguards are also a safety feature because they prevent your hands from injury in case of a crash, as well as road grit kicked up by vehicles in front of you.

On the other hand, you may also consider adding hand muffs during the cold months. They are amazing in cold weather, protecting your hands and wrists from the biting wind and rain. They won’t be much help in case of a collision, but they will keep your hands toasty warm and dry even in a torrential downpour.

Top Box or Luggage Rack

All Yamaha T-Max scooters, regardless of the year and model, have generous storage space underneath the seat. However, if you need more luggage options, consider getting a top box or a luggage rack. A top box is an easy way to carry your stuff safely, as it typically has a lock so you can leave your things inside the box when the scooter is parked.

On the other hand, having just the luggage rack means you can travel light when you want to, and add a bag or a duffel roll when needed. Luggage racks can also serve for added passenger comfort or simply space for your spares or tools.

Yamaha T-Max Must-Have Accessories

Passenger Backrest

If you are riding your Yamaha T-Max two-up, think about your passenger. Do they have enough comfort? Are they safe?

One simple modification can greatly add to both the comfort and the safety of your passenger: a backrest or a back cushion. There are several aftermarket options available, from small, simple back cushions to taller, more luxurious versions. Scooter backrests are usually very easy and quick to install, so you won’t need the help of a mechanic to do it.

Yamaha T-Max Must-Haves: Style

Customizing Your Scooter

 If you love tinkering on your bike, and if looks are important to you, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your T-Max. Its sporty, futuristic look means you can add elegance and style with just a few thoughtful touches. Alternatively, you can unleash your creativity and customize the T-Max so that it’s barely recognizable, making your scooter one of a kind.

Exhaust and Brake Rotors

Depending on what look you’re going for, different exhaust and new brake rotors can make a big difference. When it comes to mufflers, there are several stylish aftermarket options out there. However, there are no limitations to what you can do: as an example, exhaust wraps might be more popular with motorcycles, but who says you can’t do it on a scooter?

New brake rotors may not seem like a significant enough change at first glance, but the devil is in the details. Stylish brake rotors can add an edge to the overall look of your T-Max, whether you’re going for an elegant, classic look or for a more aggressive, sports-type appearance.


Your T-Max comes with a standard, clear windscreen. It’s functional and comfortable, but if you’re going for a more distinctive look, consider installing an opaque matte screen or a sports screen. A new windscreen can drastically change the look of your scooter and set the tone for the overall finish of the bike.

Sports Seat

Form over function, right? If you’re a lone wolf and you normally ride your scooter solo, a sports seat can be another great addition to your Yamaha T-Max must-have accessories collection. As with other custom details, a sports seat can change the way your scooter looks and feels in a matter of minutes.

Safety and Security

 Rider Safety

 Scooters may be more comfortable, easier to ride, and safer than motorcycles. However, two wheels will always be riskier than four. On a scooter, you are less visible to other traffic members, and in case of a collision, you are more vulnerable than car drivers. While it is impossible to prepare for every eventuality, there are several steps you can take to improve the safety of yourself as well as your passenger.

Aftermarket Taillight

Visibility is among the main issues when it comes to riding scooters and motorcycles. As riders, we simply don’t get noticed as well as car drivers. Installing a larger taillight can help avoid getting rear-ended by an absent-minded car driver: the larger and brighter your taillight, the better. There are several great aftermarket options to choose from, and they are typically on the cheaper side, so consider installing one on your T-Max.

Auxiliary Lights or LED Strips

Now that you’ve improved your taillight, think about adding some auxiliary front lights to your scooter. Again, this will improve your visibility and hopefully, minimize your chances of experiencing a collision. Low beam auxiliary lights or even LED strips on the fairings of your bike can help you be seen in all weather conditions and during the evening or night hours.

Yamaha T-Max Must-Have Accessories

Night-time visibility is important

Hi-Vis Gear or Stickers

Hi-vis gear is often a controversial topic among motorcycle and scooter riders. Some won’t be caught dead in bright neon green or orange, while others swear by high-visibility gear because it boosts your chances to be seen.

You don’t need to cover yourself in hi-vis from head to toe, however. When it comes to bright gear, you may opt for a hi-vis vest or helmet. Alternatively, you may add some hi-vis strips or stickers to your bike: wheel rims, fairings, windscreen, and top box are all good places for the hi-vis elements.

 Passenger Safety

If you opt for hi-vis gear, make sure your passenger either wears a bright vest or has some hi-vis elements on their back or helmet. A backrest, in addition to improving your passenger’s comfort, also improves their safety; finally, you can add a pair of custom passenger pegs. For one thing, passenger pegs need to be adjusted for the specific person, especially if you’re planning to take your pillion on longer riders. For another, it adds to your passenger’s safety: well placed, larger pegs or footboards are simply safer as the passenger’s feet are less likely to slip.

Scooter Security

 Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the security of your bike. Yamaha T-Max scooters are extremely popular. However, this unfortunately means that they are also much more likely to be targeted by thieves. London bike theft statistics are grim, and although we don’t mean to scare you, we do want you to make sure your two-wheeler is safe and secure at all times.

Here’s what you can do to ensure your bike doesn’t get stolen.

 First Line of Defence: Locks and Chains

When you park your scooter, even if it’s in a secure parking lot or an underground garage, you need to make sure your steering lock is on. In addition, loop a sturdy, heavy-duty chain through the rear wheel and secure it to something solid. Finally, pop a disc lock on the front wheel. If this sounds excessive to you, keep in mind that thieves typically aim for easy targets – bikes that aren’t locked down. Chains and locks aren’t indestructible, but importantly, they act as thief deterrent, so do take those few minutes to lock your bike up.


If you are parking your scooter on the street, a large, opaque bike cover is a must. And it isn’t just to protect your luxurious T-Max from weather and grit: it’s also to hide it from thieves. If they can’t see it, they’re less likely to be tempted to steal it. Throw the cover on and secure it well every time you park your scooter, even if you’re only leaving it for a short period of time.


While locks, chains, and bike covers are a good strategy to keep your scooter safe, unfortunately it isn’t always enough. Even the well-covered and locked down motorcycles and mopeds sometimes get stolen, especially in London. The good news is, we’ve got a solution: a tiny motorcycle tracker that will alert your phone the second your bike is being moved.

Monimoto motorcycle tracker is wireless, which means it will remain active even if thieves disconnect all the electronics. The tracker is small, so you can hide it anywhere on your bike. And if your scooter does get stolen, the Monimoto tracker will send an alert to your phone as well as live location updates so you can immediately call the police and retrieve the stolen motorcycle. Often, stolen motorcycles and scooters are found and retrieved in a matter of minutes, all thanks to the Monimoto tracker.

Yamaha T-Max is an impressive machine, combining comfort, power, and style. The stock models come equipped with a decent array of accessories making your ride smoother and safer, such as heated seat and grips or the large luggage space underneath the seat. However, with this list of Yamaha T-Max must-have accessories, you can perfect your ride and fine-tune all the details to suit your unique riding style and make sure you, your passenger, and your ride are as safe as can be.

What are your favorite T-Max accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Pixabay, Yamaha Motors

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