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How to pick out a proper motorcycle tracker in the UK market

You can try to deny it, but numbers speak for themselves. Over the past few years, motorcycle theft numbers have seen a dramatic increase. Every day, almost 150 mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are taken away from their owners. Only a fraction of these is ever recovered. Usually, inconspicuous and honest owners fall victim to evil criminals.

Sadly, the police is helpless most of the times as only 1/6th of stolen motorbikes are ever recovered. This could make owners frightened, but thanks to devices like Monimoto – it shouldn’t. Now, more than ever, an investment into a motorcycle alarm or motorcycle tracker in the UK is smart, insightful and very rewarding. Hear us out and find out why you too should consider getting a GPS motorcycle tracker in the UK.

Areas with the highest theft numbers

As a rough estimate, the National Crime Intelligence Service states that 3 million pounds of motorbikes are stolen in the UK. Every month. Over 30 million worth of property is taken away annually. Only a fraction, roughly around 16% are recovered. The primary cause for theft is usually profit from reselling stolen parts. Sometimes, but on much rarer occasions, these bikes can be loaded onto ship containers and illegally travel to less developed countries and are sold on the black market.

But what about theft prominence by location? Where in the United Kingdom you need to be on alert 24/7 and where you could feel more relaxed as an owner of a motorbike? The five most popular areas for motorcycle theft in the UK are:

  • West Midlands
  • West Yorkshire
  • Greater Manchester
  • Central London
  • Bristol

*Worth noting: theft hotspots have varied throughout history

The counties of where owning a bike is safest are:

  • Devon
  • Rutland
  • Gloucestershire

Motorbike in the forest

Four out of five thefts happen right under the nose of the owner because 80 per cent of motorbikes are stolen from the owner’s home. People living in urbanised areas of England and the rest of the UK face a much more substantial risk of having their motorbike stolen. However, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland motorcycle thefts only make up less than a tenth of the nation’s total.

On average, thieves take 20-35 seconds to steal a bike worth £8000-11000. Such figures and numbers should really make you feel shocked and unravelled.

No owner can feel safe

Allow us to let you in on the not so secretive knowledge on most bike theft schemes out there. There are three main types of schemes which are the causes for high-volume thefts.

Number 1: Theft for parts

This is the most common scheme. Why? Because this is almost always guaranteed cash for the criminal and if the motorbike, scooter, moped or whatever else is quickly disassembled, it leaves very little if any trace of the criminal activity.

Usually, criminals have the so-called ‘fences’ or ‘Moving men’ which request certain parts. For example, the most commonly stolen bike is the Honda CBR 600. It can also be found near the top of the most popular list. You can probably see where this is going. If a motorcycle is ‘Hot’ and in high-demand, its parts are also in high demand. The ‘fences’ in these cases mostly operate shady repair shops or are the suppliers of shops and provide parts which come off of stolen bikes. They can also wait a few weeks after the crime and sell off the disassembled bike parts online.

Nonetheless, most of the time criminals only fulfil orders for parts in high-demand.

Number 2: Theft for realisation abroad

  • Compared to most of the world, the UK is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries. Flocks of legal and illegal immigrants come to the UK for career opportunities. Facts cannot be ignored – purely criminal motives drive some of these aliens.
  • They are sent by a criminal organisation in their home nation to the UK. When they arrive, they scope out a potential victim, steal the motorcycle, quickly drive it to a secluded pier, load it onto a ship, and it travels to a different destination. This is a pure nightmare for law enforcement because conducting an international investigation requires extensive and difficult work. Most of the time, once the police catch wind of who might have stolen the motorcycle, the criminal is long gone.
  • Try to understand that an internal theft in a well-developed country that has strict licensing regulations and thorough insurance requirements, requires too much work. It is way simpler to put the bike on public roads in a country that lacks such preventative mechanisms.

Number 3: Master-class theft

If you own an exclusive, rare, expensive or very flamboyant motorcycle, you are practically immune to the first two types of thefts. Firstly, because parts are in minimal demand and are only bought through official sources, and secondly because it takes a thief more time and effort to hide and go unnoticed. Thus, they usually avoid very exclusive vehicles.

However, contract criminals can undertake tasks for the theft of a very prestigious motorcycle. Usually, there is a confirmed buyer who has paid for the stolen vehicle and only waits for it to be taken and delivered. A vast majority of such customers and contract theft buyers are high-profile criminals, wealthy politicians from less-developed countries or shady people, in general.

How do Monimoto devices help in case of theft

So, we babbled a lot on motorcycle theft in the UK and how bad the owners in London, Bristol, Greater Manchester have it there. But it is time to look at the bright side.

The owners, for once, have a great and simple opportunity to ease the stress and feel much more relaxed about their property. Let us tell you about what a Monimoto UK motorcycle tracker is, how it works, in what ways does it for property protection and why you should definitely look into buying a GPS tracker.

Let’s begin with the basics. Monimoto 7 is a smart, easy to install GPS motorbike security system. Its main goal is when fitted and concealed on the motorcycle, to track its location. The location data should be accessible to the owner, so in case a theft does occur, the owner can give relevant data to the police and retrieve his or her possession from the grasp of a criminal.

  1. The tracker utilises a built-in eSIM card. The eSIM card is in continuous contact with mobile carriers and satellites; hence it can pinpoint the exact or very close approximate location of the motorcycle in real or almost real-time. The design of the device is compact, and it is easily concealable so thieves do not have the opportunity to notice it.
  2. What you have to understand is that motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are much easier to steal than cars, trucks or any bigger vehicles. As mentioned, it takes less than half of a minute to do it, so if your bike does get stolen, loud alarms or unusual booby traps are not the best bet. The smartest thing you can do is get in contact with law enforcement ASAP and provide live data of your motorcycle’s movements. Thanks to the Monimoto app, any owner can track the bike almost in real-time.
  3. The device uses LTE-M networks and works in the UK and Europe. You will know where the thieves went and where they are thanks to very accurate tracking.

Why Monimoto, and not any other tracker

We have to admit – there are other trackers out there. But only Monimoto device ticks all the right boxes in the category of high-quality motorcycle tracker in the UK. It is affordable, well-built, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, super simple to fit and use while having all the functionality of a much costlier unit. Two-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee (full price), lifetime support for all your inquiries and questions as well as free UK shipping.

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