Driving after Brexit: What you need to know

Today UK is due to leave the EU, however as it enters a transition period it means that pretty much everything will stay the same until the end of the year. What happens next will depend on negotiations on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

Motorcyclists from UK and Northern Ireland should follow these advice under the assumption that no agreement is made during the 2020 transition period.


Good news are that passports are still going to be valid, however you will need to have a minimum of six months left on your passport before it expires. This applies to all travellers, including children.

International driving permit (IDP):

As UK driving license may no longer be valid for EU (or EEA) roads some countries will require drivers to have an International driving permit (IDP). It should accompany your valid UK Driving Licence while travelling abroad.

There are two types of IDPs you may need in Europe available:

  • 1949 IDP: covers Ireland, Malta, Spain or Cyprus and is valid for 12 months.
  • 1968 IDP: for all other EU states (as well as Norway and Switzerland), you may require a 1968 IDP, which is valid for three years.

IDPs cost £5.50 each and are available from 2500 UK Post Offices. What is more, you may also need multiple types to complete the trip you’re planning.

There is also a chance, that after transition period drivers may be required to get a Green Card from insurer, proving that vehicle is covered against a third party claim while driving in Europe.

Health insurance:

European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) will no longer be valid, so you will need personal travel and health insurance to ensure you have cover against treatment bills while you are away from UK or Northern Ireland.


  • You need to make sure to built some extra time for Channel crossing. Time for security checks is going to increase due to an end to borderless travel arrangements.
  • Data roaming and call charges shouldn’t increase
  • … what is more, motorcyclists will still be subject to laws and local fines – for speeding, parking, driving whilst intoxicated etc.. So drive safely!

UK Government advice may be found here.

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