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  • Rad

    Easy to set up and install. I have had it for 7 months so far and it works great. Keep the FOB with you, put the tracker somewhere in your bike and that's it.

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  • Amazon customer

    This is a great alternative to the more expensive integrated GPS systems I have seen around. The unit fits under the seat of my sportsbike or comes with cable ties so you can tie elsewhere. The app is easily downloaded and I was able to set it up fairly quicly. Have been using for several weeks now.

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  • Stephen

    I didn't want a wired in tracker as thieves will just cut the wires at the battery. So I chose the Monimoto as it has its own battery and can be hidden somewhere, on the bike. Set was easy enough and if you shake the bike, you will receive an alarm phone call and GPS location.

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  • Sussex

    I've had this on the bike for a while now and I'm very happy with it. It works very well. Set up is very straightforward and in the odd occasion when I've moved the bike for maintenance and forgotten the 'key', my phone alerts me within about 90 seconds.

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