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Here you will find all the information and marketing material about Monimoto 7 tracker
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Here you will find all the information and marketing material about Monimoto 7 tracker
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Meet brand new Monimoto 7 tracker

Meet brand new Monimoto 7
Monimoto is run by motorcycles and powersports enthusiasts having expertise in electronics. Monimoto 7 is a brand new Monimoto model. This little guy is a big trouble for bike thieves. Monimoto device is a smart anti-theft GPS tracker for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, UTVs and powersports. The new Monimoto version is even smaller, easier to install and compact.

What's in for resellers?

  • Fits all motorcycles

    Attractive margins for resellers.
  • Low return rate

    Less than 2% returns because of hardware issues.
  • Customer support

    Pre and after-sales support from Monimoto team.

Learn more about Monimoto 7

Monimoto 7 size compared to a credit card
Monimoto 7
Model name
Monimoto 7 GPS tracker
SKU code
Connectivity, specs
Includes GNSS, LTE, Bluetooth
Package dimensions
4.6 x 3.3 x 1.6 inches
Dimensions and weight of the Tracker device
3.7 x 2.4 x 0.75 inches, 3.35 oz.
Dimensions of the Key Fob
1.6 x 0.4 inches
Subscription price
First 2 months FREE, then $49/year
MAP policy
User manual
Safety manual

Marketing materials

We provide full support for our resellers and sales representatives in form of videos, tutorials, various marketing and sales materials. Check it out in Marketing Materials section.
  • Battery powered motorcycle GPS tracker

    Low maintenance

    Running on two single-use, long-life batteries, a Monimoto device is energy efficient. Its batteries can last up to 12 months.
  • Quick motorcycle GPS tracker setup


    An easy 10-minute setup via iOS or Android app and your bike’s secured.
  • Wireless motorcycle GPS tracker connection

    Easy to hide

    Wireless tech means you can hide it where thieves won’t find it. They won’t even know you’re tracking them.


  • Can I get a demo model for display?

    Yes. Depending on sales forecast, we may send you a fully operational sample.
    We may also send a simple plastic housing without any electronic.
    This will allow the end users to hold the unit and figure out that it doesn’t take much space.
    Please contact us – [email protected].

  • Can I access special discounts for bulk orders?

    Yes. Please contact our distributor by an email [email protected]

  • Do you have any demo pictures of places you have mounted the unit for a few different bikes?

    We don’t recommend using pictures of hiding spots for obvious security reasons.
    Each ride is different, so we always recommend to test it after Monimoto is placed on the bike. It is important that the end with GPS letters on it is not touching a metal part of the bike.
    The tracker resists to up to 131 F. For any ,ore advice, you may contact us directly.

If you need any help:

  • Dealers support

    For any business related questions, you may:
  • Customer support

    We have various options to support your customers. Pre sales or after sales, we are supporting them directly:

    Pre Sales
    After sales
    • Direct support via Monimoto APP

Meet Monimoto team

Monimoto team
Monimoto is a leader of affordable, effective, and reliable motorcycle trackers. Started by passionate bikers in 2013 in Lithuania (EU), they’ve worked hard to develop a range of battery-powered GPS trackers that are simple enough to fit at home. Their passion is protecting bikes with effective GPS security that is both simple and affordable for everyone. In the past 4 years Monimoto did manage to become market leader by delivering the best in-class customer service.

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Fits all motorcycles Attractive margins
Low return rate Less than 2% returns
Customer support Pre and after-sales support