1.Thank You for Purchasing Monimoto!

Thank You for purchasing Monimoto! We will do our best to help you secure your property. If you have any issues with Monimoto, please refer to


What’s in the box:





2 Releasable Zip TiesZip ties

Also included:

  • 2x CR123A batteries
  • 1x CR2032 battery
  • Micro-sized international SIM card with 2 months of free GSM services

2.Before You Start

The device can be used with iOS 9.3 or Android 5.0 devices and all subsequent operating systems. However, your smartphone must also have Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE) functionality, as the connection between your phone and Monimoto device utilises this technology.

This is the Monimoto device packed with GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and other smart tech inside. It also contains micro-sized SIM card and two CR123A type batteries. This unit is the brain of your smart alarm system with GPS tracking. It is intended to be placed inside your vehicle in order to track it down in case of theft.

What's inside Monimoto


This is a linked KEY, which is kept with the owner and works on a proximity basis. It should be kept with the owner (not anywhere inside or on the motorcycle) all the time. Monimoto KEY is not supposed to be used as a key chain and should be kept separate from your motorcycle keys – in your pocket or backpack. This will prevent you from loosing the linked KEY in case your motorcycle keys are stolen. Keep Monimoto KEY away from contact with water as it is not waterproof.

Each Monimoto device can connect up to 3 KEYs.

P.S. Pay attention to battery sides when inserting it into the KEY. Battery should be inserted PLUS side UP.

  1. Insert flat screwdriver into special hole and lift
  2. Two black plastic pieces should be separated
  3. Remove plastic strip- battery insulator. Keyfob LED will blink
  4. Firmly close  cover till you click sound


Useful tips:

  • The maximum Bluetooth signal range between your smartphone and Monimoto unit is 100m (~330ft) in open area.
  • You can add up to 3 KEYs to your Monimoto using the app at any time later within Bluetooth range.
  • If you have more than one vehicle you can use the same KEY for all of them.
  • Monimoto is designed to search satellites and deliver the precise GPS location but GPS signal is usually poor inside the buildings or some other specific areas. In such cases Monimoto sends approximate location using CellLocate technology.
  • Each time Monimoto enters Alarm mode battery drains faster so avoid false alarms to save battery time.

3.How Monimoto Works

Monimoto has 2 main modes: Ready Mode and Alarm Mode.


IMPORTANT: The app uses internet connection as its primary way to communicate with the device so it’s highly recommended to keep mobile data or Wi-Fi turned ON on your iPhone at all times.

Please also note that Monimoto is not a ‘real time’ device. It does not have a permanent connection with the GSM network. Only when the Alarm mode is triggered Monimoto will connect to GSM network. This method considerably saves Monimoto energy.

3.1.Ready Mode

Once you go through the setup wizard and successfully configure your device – Monimoto app will start showing status “READY”. This means Monimoto is ready to detect any type of movement and notify the owner if the KEY is not around. You do not need to activate Monimoto in any other way.


 Riding a Motorcycle

Monimoto also remains in Ready mode if owner has a KEY while riding the motorcycle.


3.2.Alarm Mode

When Monimoto senses any type of motion, movement or vibration it will check if KEY is around. If KEY is not found, the device will enter Alarm mode.

When in alarm mode Monimoto first calls the owner’s number. It will call twice and after that it will push notification to Monimoto app when precise location data is received from GPS or approximate location from GSM using CellLocate.

If you answer the first time Monimoto calls it will not call second time and this will result in quicker delivery of the Monimoto location data to the app. (Don’t worry, you won’t need to speak to your device and make people think you’re mad. Just hit the “answer” button and the call will end. This way Monimoto will know that you have been notified.)

By default you will get updates every 5-10 minutes in alarm mode while the movement lasts. Once your Monimoto-equipped vehicle has stopped moving you will be updated every 30 minutes.

These two timelines illustrate how Monimoto behaves time-wise:



In case of poor signal or network data transmission problems in Alarm mode Monimoto sends SMS with map link to the owner when the device has stopped moving and stays in steady position for more than 5 minutes.

IMPORTANT: This device is optimized to work with mobile data sending push notifications in case of alarm. Backup SMS is only as supplementary channel and has monthly limits as per Terms & Conditions.

3.3.Exit Alarm Mode

These are the 3 main condition for returning Monimoto back to the Ready mode:

  • Exit Alarm with KEY. Once the KEY is detected within the range of Bluetooth signal Monimoto will automatically return to Ready mode.


  • Send to sleep by app. Sleep mode can be entered from Alarm mode only when the user manually chooses to sleep the device. User can put Monimoto to sleep remotely for 1, 5 or 24 hours using the app. This action will deactivate Monimoto and you will not be able to bring it back to Ready mode until the selected sleep period ends. After that it will return to the Ready mode automatically, no action is required. This can be useful if you’ve gone for a ride but forgot Monimoto KEY at home and want to stop receiving the alerts and save battery life. Or if you gave your motorcycle to a friend but.. forgot to give them the KEY.

Sleep by app


  • Deactivate by app. You can turn off the Alarm mode by app only when your phone is within the range of Bluetooth signal. If you open the app and establish Bluetooth connection with Monimoto on settings Tab– it goes to Ready mode and the Alarm mode ends.

return to Ready mode by app


4.Periodic Check

Monimoto regularly performs a battery check and updates status to your phone. If Monimoto encounters network issues or batteries are drained and periodic check cannot be performed you will be notified about that in the app.

The frequency of periodic check can be set using Monimoto app.

IMPORTANT: Frequent periodic checks speed up the drainage of Monimoto batteries so choose this setting wisely or leave it at the default.

Monimoto checks battery



Search “monimoto” in App Store or Google Play Store or click the button:

Download the Monimoto app and install it on your smartphone.



Run the Monimoto app and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions that will guide through the setup process.monimoto app

IMPORTANT: Once setup process has been completed you should receive SMS from your device. Be sure to add that number to your contacts with the appropriate name so you recognize it immediately in case of alarm.



After pairing hide and fix Monimoto using two zip ties in your vehicle.Zip ties


Monimoto is intended to be placed inside your vehicle in order to track it down in case of a theft. After setting up and configuring your device hide it in your motorcycle or other vehicle.

Recommended Monimoto installation locations for your motorcycle:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT put Monimoto in an enclosed metal environment as radio waves cannot travel through metal!

7.Testing MONIMOTO

  1. Leave your KEY at home.
  2. Switch off Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Take your Monimoto-equipped vehicle for a test drive. Or simply do something to keep your bike moving it for at least 8 seconds.
  4. In approx. 1 minute you will receive a call from Monimoto device and soon after the call push notification should arrive to the Monimoto app.
  5. Open the app and check whether it is showing the precise GPS or approximate GSM location.
  6. If you got the precise GPS location – put the device to sleep using the app to save batteries and go home to take the KEY. Congratulations, your vehicle is now safe!
  7. In case you received an approximate location please re-install your Monimoto in a different spot inside your vehicle. Best satellite signal reception is achieved when GPS antenna is pointing upwards, or to the side. Never install Monimoto with the GPS antenna pointing to the ground!
  8. Repeat the test drive until you get the precise GPS location.

IMPORTANT: Before testing Monimoto ensure the KEY is NOT present within the Bluetooth signal range that is less than 10m (~33ft) away from the device. Also make sure that the mobile app is closed.

8.Battery Replacement


  1. Remove Monimoto from your vehicle by releasing zip ties.
  2. Remove the old CR123A batteries from the battery pocket.
  3. Wait for 2 minutes.
  4. Position the new batteries and insert them into the battery pocket based on the positive/negative terminals as indicated on the main board of Monimoto.
  5. Place it back into the installation location of your vehicle.
  6. Test Monimoto by following the instructions provided in Testing Monimoto.

Batteries and battery pocket location


KEY v1

  1. Open the KEY lid using 2 euro cent coin.
  2. Remove the old battery from the battery pocket.
  3. Position the new CR2032 battery and insert it into the battery pocket facing positive (+) terminal up.
  4. Close the lid following small pointers with the same 2 euro cent coin.

KEY v2

  1. Insert flat screwdriver into special hole and lift.
  2.  Two black plastic pieces should be separated. Position the new CR2032 battery and insert it into the battery pocket facing positive (+) terminal up.
  3. Firmly close  cover till you click sound


9.Restoring Default Parameters

  1. How to restore default parameters VIDEO
  2. Ensure the batteries are inserted into your Monimoto.
  3. Connect Monimoto to your computer or phone charger using the micro USB cable.
  4. Wait while the red LED flashes repeatedly for at least ~13 times (1 flash per sec.).
  5. Unplug the micro USB cable and you should see one long LED flash.
  6. Monimoto will restart.
  7. Parameters have been successfully restored to default values.

Batteries should remain inserted

10.LED Indications

LED indication Description
Short flash every 2 sec Device is operating in Wake-Up mode but GSM is off
Two short flashes every 2 sec Successfully registered to GSM network
Long flash every 0,5 sec Restoring default parameters, with batteries inserted and micro USB cable connected
Long flash every 2 sec Fault is present: PIN code enabled on SIM card /unable to register to 2G/3G network
Weak continuous light
  1. Boot mode in progress
  2. Firmware was deleted and new one was not successfully uploaded
Either OFF or one long flash every 1 second Battery low

11.Updating Firmware

  1. DOWNLOAD firmware
  2. Remove Monimoto from your vehicle.
  3. Remove all batteries from the battery pocket.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes.
  5. Connect Monimoto to your Windows PC using the micro USB cable. Weak red light indicates that Monimoto has entered boot mode. (PC only. Do not connect to Mac – it will not work. Believe us.. we have tried…)
  6. The folder called CRP DISABLD should automatically pop-up with the firmware.bin file in it. If it doesn’t – open Computer and look for CRP DISABLD drive. Sometimes you need to wait a minute while Windows installs USB drivers or unplug and plug the USB cable again.
  7. Delete the firmware.bin file found in the drive.
  8. Copy the new firmware file (no need to rename it) and paste it to to the same CRP DISABLD folder.
  9. Unplug micro USB cable from Monimoto.
  10. Place the batteries back into the battery pocket.
  11. LED will start flashing in a following pattern: 1 long flash, multiple short flashes for ~25 seconds and finishing with 1 long flash again.

Batteries removed


Batteries MONIMOTO: 3V Lithium 1400mAh CR123A (2 batteries)

KEY: 3V Lithium CR2032 (1 battery)

Battery operation time MONIMOTO: up to 24 months*

KEY: up to 12 months*

GSM modem frequency 900/1800MHz
Bluetooth version and frequency v4.1; 2.4GHz
USB slot 2.0 Micro Type B
A-GPS lock time (satellite discovery time) Hot start: <2 sec(open sky); Cold start: <45 sec(open sky)
Dust and water resistance rating Monimoto: IP65

Monimoto KEY: IP50

Range of operating temperatures -15… +55°C (-4… 131°F)
Dimensions 126x35mm (4.96×1.38in)

*The operation time might vary in different conditions.



The following terms and conditions govern use of the MONIMOTO device and contains important information on limitations regarding the product’s use and function, as well as information on the limitations of the manufacturer’s liability. Please carefully read these terms and conditions for download, installation, display and use of the mobile application (“Application”) before you download, install, display or use the Application.


In order to ensure continuous and proper operation of the MONIMOTO device and uninterrupted service, it is the responsibility of the User to make sure that: (i) the product is properly installed, and (ii) there is constant internet or GSM connection and electrical supply (low battery must be replaced in time).

If you experience difficulty during the installation or subsequent use of the system, you may contact “Monimoto, UAB” distributor or dealer in your country/region. For more information see


Please read and follow these safety guidelines in order to maintain safety of operators and people around:

  • DO NOT use the system where it can cause potential danger and interfere with other devices – such as medical devices.
  • DO NOT use the system in hazardous environment.
  • DO NOT expose the system to high humidity, chemical environment or mechanical impact.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair the system yourself – any repairs must be carried out by fully qualified personnel only.
  • DO NOT try to disassemble Monimoto.
  • NEVER install or carry out maintenance during stormy weather.
  • To switch the system off, remove one of the batteries.
  • Keep new or used CR2032 batteries (ones that are used in Monimoto KEY) out of reach of children. If a battery is swallowed, it can lead to serious burns resulting in internal bleeding or death.
  • Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.


Monimoto will use mobile data if it is enabled on your SIM card. This is to improve accuracy and speed of location tracking and SMS text message services. Please note that extra charges may apply depending on your plan and 2G/3G service provider!


To obtain warranty service, you may return a defective system to your original point of purchase, or the authorized “Monimoto UAB” dealer or the distributor from which you purchased the MONIMOTO product. In order to request warranty service, the purchaser is required to provide proof of purchase.


“Monimoto UAB” warrants this system only to the original purchaser and only in case of defective workmanship and materials under normal use of the system for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of shipment by the “Monimoto UAB” (Warranty Period). Warranty obligations do not cover expandable materials (power elements and/or batteries), holders and enclosures. The warranty remains valid only if the system is used as intended, following all guidelines outlined in this manual and in accordance with the operating conditions specified. The warranty is void if the system has been disassembled or exposed to mechanical impact, chemicals, high humidity, fluids, corrosive and hazardous environments or force majeure factors.

If a hardware defect arises and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, at its own discretion, “Monimoto UAB” will either (a) repair a hardware defect at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or (b) exchange the product with a product that is new or which has been manufactured from new or serviceable used parts and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product, or (c) refund the purchase price of the product.


The buyer must agree that the system will reduce the risk theft, burglary or other dangers but does not provide guarantee against such events. “Monimoto UAB” will not assume any responsibility regarding personal or property, or revenue loss while using the system. “Monimoto UAB” is not affiliated with any of the Internet providers, therefore, it shall not responsible for the quality of Internet service.

“Monimoto UAB” shall also assume no liability due to direct or indirect damage or loss, as well as unreceived income when using the system, including cases, when the damages arise due to the above mentioned risks, when due to breakdown or malfunction the user is not informed in a timely manner about a risk which has arisen. In any case, the liability of “Monimoto UAB”, as much as it is allowed by the laws in force, shall not exceed the price of acquisition of the product.




The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) symbol on this product (see left) means it must not be disposed of in household waste. To prevent possible harm to human health and/or the environment, you must dispose of this product in an approved and environmentally safe recycling facility. For further information contact your system supplier, or your local waste authority. 

Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.

It is strictly forbidden to copy and distribute the information contained in this document or to pass thereof to a third party without an a priori written authorization obtained from “Monimoto UAB”. “Monimoto UAB” reserves the right to update or modify this document and/or related products without an a priori warning. “Monimoto UAB” hereby declares that  smart alarm for motorcycles MONIMOTO is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the Directive 1999/5/EC. The declaration of conformity is available at

User Guide v2.00         Copyright © “Monimoto UAB”, 2016. All rights reserved.

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